[Bits] 5 o'clock High, Claws Giroux, Grand Olli Opry, Endangered Sharks

I'm coming, too. - Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

I'm Chip, he's Dale.

Islanders links

So, what were you doing around 4:45 yesterday afternoon? The Islanders, as you know by now, were dropping a medium-sized bomb on the hockey world by announcing the surprising twin signings of forwards Mikhail Grabovski and Nikolai Kulemin.

  • Arthur Staple on the details on the deals with quotes from Garth Snow. [New$day]
  • Kevin at Islanders Point Blank talks about how to get the best out of the newest Islanders. (hint: don't do what the Leafs did).
  • Our man garik does his thing with the possession numbers for Grabovski and Kulemin.
  • As does Eric Hornick in a special edition Skinny.
  • Greg Wyshynski traitorous Long Island-bred Penguins fan Sean Leahy of Puck Daddy digs the signings.
  • Chris Johnston of Sportsnet has the behind-the-scenes breakdown of how the old friends stood their ground and came bundled together in a single package. Includes the now well-circulated nugget that Jack Capuano guaranteed that the two would be linemates for the Islanders.
  • Salt in the Wounds Time: Here's Japers' Rink's report card on Grabovski's one season in Washington. | And here's Oilers Nation on how signing both would help Edmonton. Sorry, everyone.
  • Fun: remember when Grabovski tore Randy Carlyle a new one after his buyout? Can't wait to get him talking to Stan Fischler.
  • Oh, right. The other signings. NDRE brings the stats and comparables on T.J. Brennan


  • Somehow, I forgot this in yesterday's bits. On Tuesday night, Claude Giroux was arrested in Ottawa for drunkenly, um, grasping the posterior of a Canadian policeman. Repeatedly. Giroux spent that night in jail and was released Wednesday. In the words of George Takei, "Oh My." [Broad Street Hockey]
  • The Flyers tried to distract everyone from the Giroux news by signing defenseman Nick Schultz. No dice. [BSH]
  • More signings: Olli Jokinen is a Predator [On The Forecheck] | Radim Verbata is a Canadien a Canuck. [Nucks Misconduct]
  • "In an effort to become less likable and more punch-oriented, the San Jose Sharks signed free agent John Scott to a one-year $700,000 deal." - an unimpressed Fear the Fin.
  • Conflicted day for Sharks fans. They finally caved to the Ice Girls peer pressure and will introduce them next season. Once again, Fear the Fin is less than enthusiastic.
  • Why don't teams want to sign with the Red Wings? Clearly they're a perennial loser in a remote location that never spends money and treats players like garbage. Or not. [Puck Daddy]
  • Yeah, yeah, now we're supposed to hate Dan Boyle. But he's currently in Europe roadying for Faith No More. That's cool. [LeBrun's Rumblings]

This is a little appropriate, I think.

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