TJ Brennan and AHL Defensemen Statistical Comparables

T.J. Brennan, in uglier times. - Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Here is how TJ Brennan compares with some of the top AHL defensemen the past couple seasons, as far as offensive statistical production.

TJ Brennan was red-hot in AHL playoffs. He had 14 pts in 14 games. (Other defenseman closest to a point-per-game was Will O'Neill with 16 in 18.)

He also had 6 goals in 14 games. No other defenseman had more than 3. (And only three had 3. And all in more games than Brennan played: 18, 17, and 21.... So Brennan basically scored more than twice the goals-per-game as any other AHL defenseman in playoffs.... Yes, very small sample size.)... Brennan had 3.14 SOGs per game in the playoffs. (Shooting % 13.6.... So with normal 9.6% shooting, he would have had 4 goals.)

Regular seasons:

(PPG = points-per-game, GPG = goals-per-game, SOGPG = shots-on-goal per-game)
Age is at start of last season, in years and months.


TJ Brennan (24Y6M) 6'1" 213
0.95 PPG
0.33 GPG
3.49 SOGPG
9.43 Shooting%
(223 team-goals)

(Previous seasons shooting% was 9.59% in 225 AHL games, since 2009-10.)

Adam Clendening (21Y0M) 5'11" 190 (36th overall CHI 2011)
0.80 PPG
0.16 GPG
2.88 SOGPG
5.63 Shooting%
(234 team-goals)

Tim Erixon (22Y8M) 6'3" 199
0.95 PPG (in 40 games)
0.13 GPG
2.40 SOGPG
5.21 Shooting%
(247 team-goals)

Greg Pateryn (23Y4M) 6'2" 219 (128th overall in 208 TOR)
0.50 PPG
0.22 GPG
2.12 SOGPG
10.42 Shooting%
(182 team-goals)

Matt Donovan (23Y5M) 6'0" 205
0.78 PPG (in 27 games)
0.26 GPG
2.93 SOGPG
8.86 Shooting%
(183 team-goals)


Justin Schultz (22Y3M) 6'2" 185
1.41 PPG (in 34 games)
0.53 GPG
2.74 SOGPG
19.4 Shooting%
(239 team-goals)

Matt Donovan (22Y5M) 6'0" 205
0.64 PPG
0.19 GPG
2.01 SOGPG
9.27 Shooting%
(218 team-goals)

David Rundblad (22Y0M) 6'2" 190
0.78 PPG
0.18 GPG
2.18 SOGPG
8.26 Shooting%
(230 team-goals)

Torey Krug (21Y6M) 5'9" 175
0.71 PPG
0.21 GPG
2.33 SOGPG
8.84 Shooting%
(222 team-goals)

TJ Brennan (23Y6M) 6'1" 213
0.97 PPG (in 36 games)
0.39 GPG
3.67 SOGPG
10.6 Shooting%
(237 team-goals)

Jake Gardiner (22Y3M) 6'2" 184
0.72 PPG
0.23 GPG
2.63 SOGPG
8.85 Shooting%
(237 team-goals)

These seem to be all the most remarkable PPG and GPG by defensemen the past couple seasons in the AHL.

There are defensemen in 2011-12 who are NHL defensemen now, but their GPG and PPG don't come close to TJ Brennen: Irwin, Brendan Smith, Erixon, Jordie Benn, Jake Muzzin (22Y8M), Brenden Dillon, Thomas Hickey (3 goals and 23 assists in 76 games 22Y8M).... Not that TJ Brennan is necessarily going to be as good as any of these defensemen, but he did greatly out-score them in the AHL.

So for goals-per-game (defensemen) top 5 I can find past couple seasons in AHL are:
0.53 Justin Schultz in 34 games (but 19.4% shooting is probably some shooting luck.**)
0.39 Brennan in 26 games
0.33 Brennan in full season
0.26 Donovan in 27 games
0.23 Gardiner in full season

And shots-on-goal per-game:
3.67 Brennan in 36 games
3.49 Brennan in full season
2.93 Donovan in 27 games
2.88 Clendening in full season
2.74 Schultz in 34 games

**On top of that, EDM's power-play during lockout was ridiculous. RNH and I believe Eberle and Gagner were racking up points on the AHL team's PP.... So Schultz probably benefitted from that elite PP.

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