New York Islanders Top 25 Under 25: Ryan Strome, poised to strike at #4

Respect your elders...except when they've no right to whine for it. - Bruce Bennett

We look forward to more of your love and sweet, sweet hands.

Amid all the hype, amid all the urgency to bring him up to the show, there is this: Ryan Strome won't turn 21 until later this summer. Everything he's accomplished so far -- which now includes some good signs at the NHL level -- has been at age 20 or below.

He will be an NHLer, and a very good one. For now it's just a matter of where he fits with the Islanders deep at center and featuring another great youngster in Brock Nelson.

That said, it's still to come and he's got some heavy competition on our Top 25 Islanders Under 25. That's why he still ranks #4 overall ... for now.

CIL Keith Mike B. Mark Mike L. Chris Dom


Strome has the most potential to climb the list in the top 2 in my opinion. Gets a little ding here for needing to be demoted for defensive purposes. But his late season play was extremely encouraging as he made what was essentially the fourth line into a scoring threat.

Mike B.:

It's really close with him and de Haan for me. I think Strome definitely had his rookie moments, but also showed a lot of his promise. My concern (if you can call it that) is that his boxcar numbers got a fair boost from PP numbers - a higher % of his points from the PP than any other Isle besides Viz, Moulson (who combined for fewer games than Strome's 37), and AMac (heheheheh). I like a productive power play, but I hope Strome becomes more than a specialist.


Maybe kids just grow faster, but I could swear there was a huge difference between first go-round Ryan Strome and second go-round Ryan Strome. He looked stronger on his skates and more confident in everything he did.

Color me excited for what Strome will bring to the Isles in 14-15.

Mike L.:

Yeah, I know he'll climb higher than this, but he's #4 for now. He already looks like he belongs, just hoping he'd get a little bigger.


Hey remember when the 90's Isles were the Helicopter team? All centers? This kid is bringing us back to that.


Ryan Strome's game has shown it is beginning to translate to the NHL level, as it did from juniors to the AHL. He still needs to continue to bulk up, but outside of Tavares, Strome has the highest ceiling of any Islanders forward under the age of 25. Strome has the potential to be one of the better two-way centres in the league.

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