[Bits] Boyle Over, Tootoo Parlor, Awards Show All Stars

Are you there God? It's me, Cappy. - Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

He's strictly rhythm. He doesn't want to make it cry or sing.

Islanders Stuff

  • Don't order that Dan Boyle jersey Islanders jersey yet. Garth Snow is shopping his rights around the league to try and recoup some assets. Boyle has listened to the Islanders, but it doesn't sound like he's going to stick around.
  • Snow has a lot of options to upgrade his team  this summer. [The Checking Line]
  • Snow, pro scout Director of Player Development Eric Cairns and God Among Men Mike Bossy spoke at a season ticket holder's meeting last night and LHH reader Aaron Lerner (@ALerner31) was there and kind enough to relay the information via his Twitter feed. Posted below is what he heard (start from the bottom). Thanks, Aaron!


  • Do you Tootoo? The Red Wings are set to buy the agitator out. [Winging it in Motown]
  • Adam Gretz wonders why teams still give out dumb, long-term contracts to goalies. My short alternate answer: because everybody was so busy laughing at the Rick DiPietro contract to learn the lessons within it. The Islanders took a bullet they didn't have to and those teams deserve what they get.
  • Gretz also has a nice breakdown of the stats overlapping the most recent Stanley Cup winners. [About.com]
  • Speaking of stats, some fancier than others: The Blue Jackets have a draft method all their own and they divulge their secrets. | Top Line versus Top Line via the Washington Capitals [Japers] | Full disclosure: as open as I am to the newer stats, bubble graphs still confuse the hell out of me. I have no idea how to read them. Anyway, here's an Islanders usage chart, courtesy of Rob Vollman.
  • In Praise of the Bandwagon Hockey Fan [SB Nation]
  • State-by-State Youth Hockey participation numbers from United States of Hockey.
  • Down Goes Brown on the pre-conceived notions that got shot to hell during the playoffs.
  • The Oilers blew an opportunity to draft a star. True story. [Edmonton Journal]
  • The NHL awards are next Tuesday and will feature some famous people including Islanders de-facto celebrity Kevin Connolly. [Puck Daddy's Tumblr]
  • Minor League Hockey team buries owner and GM in a hole to sell season tickets. Like Cool Hand Luke except much, much stupider. [Deadspin]
  • This is one of the worst tattoos of all time. [Eyes on the Prize]
  • The fall of the San Jose Sharks set to the music of Dire Straits. A work of art from Stace of Base at Battle of California.

A Sportsnet feature on Thatcher Demko, draft eligible goalie, San Diego native and swordmaster of House Atreides.

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