[Bits] Cup Clips, Dad's Day, Therrien Extendien, Sonic Hockey Boom

You're allowed to smile now, Justin - Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Grab dad a cold one.

Happy Father's Day to all those men out there that taught you right from wrong, rare from well done, Chrissy from Janet, Batman from Spider-Man, Islanders from Rangers and any other life lessons dads do so well.

Stanley Cup Round Ups

  • Yup, the Kings still won the Cup. And Ted Starkey says that this time, they were even better than they were in 2012. God help us all next season.
  • Don't be surprised by Justin Williams winning the Conn Smythe. He's always been this good. [SB Nation]
  • Arthur Staple's tour of duty covering the Rangers is now complete. And he reports from a dejected and devastated locker room that learned a valuable lesson in losing.
  • Larry Brooks with Lundqvist the Hero. Hard to argue otherwise.
  • Whether we like it or not, the Rangers run was good for hockey in New York. [NY Mag]
  • Reminder: Rangers fans are people, too. Nice ones, in fact. And even though this heartfelt piece by Joe from Blueshirt Banter is about their loss in the Cup Final, it applies to all of us that think about their teams with every waking moment.


  • The Canadiens have extended coach Michel Therrien for another four years. A lot of our friends at Eyes on the Prize let out a sigh of inevitability.
  • The Habs also traded former first round draft pick Louis Leblanc to Anaheim for a fifth round pick.
  • Ladies (and gentlemen. But most likely ladies): if you're going to walk on the ice after a hockey game, don't wear heels. [Deadspin]
  • The Blue Jackets web team has a lot of time on their hands now.
  • A writer for SB Nation's Seattle Sonics site (yes, they have one. It's called Sonics Rising), writes that this year's Final got him hooked on hockey and Seattle needs an NHL team. There was a small degree of snark surrounding it yesterday on Twitter (mainly due to some typos), as well as a backlash to the degree of snark surrounding nearly everything NHL on Twitter. For the record, I'm always happy when people discover the greatness of hockey. But I've also learned to move on from people that don't have the time for hockey and forcefully reject it. I've known people like this, and I'm betting you do, too. I've fought the fight and made the arguments and seen the eye rolls and heard the "yeah, butbutbut." So, if they don't want in the club, it means more for me. I just sit back and laugh every season when that year's Final or other BIG moment is what flips the switch for some and the rest of us are left saying, "what took you so long?"

This was by far my favorite part of the Kings' celebration. Chris Sutter, son of Darryl, with Anze Kopitar and Jeremy Roenick. As sweet and happy a moment as you'll see anywhere.

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