[Bits] Sutter's Home, weak Manhattans, kiddie cocktails and other spirits

Hey ref, he thinks you're wrong, too. - Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

No games going on tonight. Nope. Nothing.

Yesterday, I (foolishly) read this Hockey News story about how New York isn't exactly buzzing over the Rangers playing in the Stanley Cup final and it reminded me of last month's Nets-Raptors first round series, where I noticed some Canadian writers were quick to declare Toronto delirious with basketball fever and big city Brooklyn like it barely noticed the Nets were even playing.

In that series, Bruce Arthur, a good writer and smart guy, in particular kept hammering on how many people were in Barclays Center at various intervals prior to and during the first quarters of the Nets home games. Now for the Cup final, Jason Kay seems like he's looking for people who are throwing themselves out of moving cars to get into Madison Square Garden, and that just isn't happening. In each case, I found the condescension off-putting and a little petty. What's wrong with these New Yorkers that they haven't put their collective lives on hold for the next four to seven games to witness sports happening?

I don't know if these Toronto-based writers are looking for a sense of superiority or simply trying to paint a picture of some distant alien world whose pastime priorities they might not understand. Whatever it is, I hope they get over it.

Islanders stuff

This Arthur Staple tweet represents the totality of the Islanders news from yesterday.

So there you go.

Stanley Cup Final

  • There is much more to Darryl Sutter than one-word answers and Bitter Beer Face. This profile by Bruce Arthur on the coach and his disabled son is excellent.
  • In New York, you can get anything, except a break if you're the Rangers. [SB Nation]
  • Or, maybe the Kings are just better and wearing the Rangers out. [MC79Hockey]

Moving On

  • Why don't more NHLers come out of New York? The Hockey News investigates in their usual slapdash style.
  • Panther Parkway profiles draft eligible goalie and possible Fremen of Arrakis, Thatcher Demko.
  • Scion of Sneaky Pete Dominic Turgeon is striving to fill a promise he made to himself. [Buffalo Hockey Beat]
  • The off-season hasn't even started yet and I'm already feeling bad for Sharks fans. Now, Joe Thornton could waive his NTC if "that's what the fans want." Gonna be a long summer for Fear the Fin.
  • TEH OILERZ WER RUSSHED! And they need to stop doing that. [Edmonton Journal]
  • The Canucks might be targeting Sam Reinhart. And if they aren't, maybe they should be. [Canucks Army]
  • Maybe Vancouver's 1975 team anthem LP, "We're With You" will convince Reinhart to join up. [Pass it to Bulis]. It's no Islanders Christmas album, but it's good enough.

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