[Bits] Snow speaks; Kvasha encounter; Life at Barclays; Stockton down

Nice place you got here - Bruce Bennett

I want them alive. No disintegration.

Last night, while you were watching the Rangers-Penguins game, Garth Snow was the special guest with Gary Harding and Jon Panarese on Long Island's SportstalkRadio1240.  We (mostly) paraphrased quotes in this post and we'll add a link to the 45-minute segment when one is available. [Update: Here's the audio link at IslesTalk.]

But a couple to start off the bits follow...

On Jaroslav Halak

The trade for Halak is an opportunity to negotiate exclusively for two months. We have no goaltenders under contract for next season. We made the trade with the hope of signing him. If not, there are other avenues to go down, but right now, we're going to give it our best shot to sign Halak.

Why Thompson Returns to Bridgeport

One of the most important positions in this organization is the head coach of Bridgeport. With us having so many defensemen coming through the system, it makes it even more important. Brent had tremendous success when he coached in Bridgeport 2-3 years ago. This is a move up in responsibility for him.

Draft Strategy, and Filling the Cupboard

Five years ago, we had a huge hole at center and defense and turned that into a great strength. Our biggest weakness is wingers coming through system. [they will most likely] take the best player available at draft, but if it's six-of-one-half-a-dozen-of-another, we'll probably draft for need if two players are similar at potential.

Again, there are more quotes in the earlier post (Ice Works, Tavares' injury rehab, indirect Vanek-related comment on organizational philosophy), and the full interview from 1240 should be available for replay.

Other Islanders news:

  • NEW! Bryan Trottier and a trio of other former Stanley Cup champions break down the second round series at Sportnet.
  • This personal Oleg Kvasha story at new Islanders blog Capitol District Islander is both disappointing and perfectly representative of the man the era that brought him to Long Island.
  • The Stockton Thunder are in a 2-0 hole to Bakersfield in their playoff series after Saturday's 2-0 loss to the Condors. Game three is Wednesday at Stockton.
  • Happy 42nd birthday, Zigmund Palffy. Third String Goalie looks at the career of the Islanders legend.

Wait! There's more:

  • The Blackhawks are up 2-0 on the Wild after a 4-1 win on Sunday. Brian Bickell is a the playoff werewolf. Calendar changes, he gains magical powers.
  • The Penguins evened their series with the Rangers with a 3-0 win last night. Game three is tonight at MSG this is not a misprint.
  • Blackhawks forward Ben Smith thanks the Hartford Whalers for his interest in hockey. [ESPN]
  • In Lou We Trust offers a staggering amount of information on Martin Brodeur's season. Doesn't change Brodeur's performance to anything other than terrible, but the work is very impressive.
  • In a blow to schadenfreude enthusiasts across the NHL, Paul Holmgren might soon be exiting the GM position with the Flyers. Ron Hextall awaits. [Broad Street Hockey]
  • Speaking of Philly, Tyler Dellow debunks the classic 70's Bullies by determining they didn't finish their checks the way it's assumed they did (or how current players do).
  • Barclays roommates: A nice SB Nation long form piece by David Roth on the Nets and their fans finding a culture and a rhythm together. Possibly a glimpse into what future Islanders games will feel like, unless game ops changes everything based on the current test audience.
  • Happy retirement, Tom Poti. Among all of men who have played for the Islanders, you certainly were one of them.

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