[Bits] At that close range, we won't last long against those Star Destroyers!

You're a loose cannon, Calrissian! - Bruce Bennett

Back to work. My sympathies.

Islanders Links

  • It's a Trap! Russian news outlet Sportbox.ru is reporting that Anders Nilsson has signed with AK Bars of the KHL. [Islanders Point Blank]
  • The Islanders threw away a chance at Connor McDavid because of Nino Niederreiter, or something, according to Eric Duhatschek. I mean, there are so many threads and tired narratives in this article, I'm not really sure what the point of it is. The only known fact is that the Islanders gave their own pick in the 2015 draft to Buffalo. Everything else including their roster and record next season, their draft position, the draft positions of the 29 other clubs and the future successes of any of the "prized prospects" in the draft is a matter of pure speculation right now. And all of it assumes that the Islanders will always and forever be a lottery club trawling for the next best prospect. The Islanders demand no respect in the present and, naturally, don't get any. They are always playing for tomorrow, never now. The only people that can change that perception are the Islanders. At least Duhatchek isn't a condescending douche like Steve Simmons.
  • Signing Jaroslav Halak could change the Islanders in a big way. Some of the history in this Too Many Men on the Site article is specious or just plain wrong. But, like the Globe and Mail article above, it's about the Islanders so who gives a shit if it's factual or not? The team is a loser so getting the details right is secondary to opining on what's wrong with them
  • OK, no more rants for today. Want to see a mock-up of the Islanders locker room at Barclays Center? Nets Daily's Twitter had the hook-up.
  • More on the Memorial Cup: Griffin Reinhart talks with NHL Live | the Edmonton Journal on how the Oil Kings defied expectations | THN on Edmonton shutting down the Storm.
  • LHH poster Bleuchz (pronounced CHURCHMAN), took a shot at grading the Islanders and grading others' grading systems. [Fanpost]

NHL Playoffs

  • The Kings are in the driver's seat after beating the Blackhawks 5-2 last night. They'll take a 3-1 lead into Chicago for Wednesday's Game 5.
  • The Rangers can advance to the Stanley Cup final with a win in Montreal tonight. Prepare yourself accordingly. But don't let the jawing fool you. Michel Therrien and Alain Vigneault are old bros. [National Post]


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