[Bits] Vexing Vanek; Robinson Returns; Stats n' Stuff; IIHF Quarters,

I'm so confused - Bruce Bennett

Vienna waltzing to the off-season?

Islanders links

  • A look back at the recently retired Miroslav Satan's time with the Islanders. I was a fan of more than just his last name and Vulcan-like appearance. [Point Blank]
  • Podcastin': Sports Business Journal's Chris Botta talks more Islanders sale stuff, among other things.

NHL Playoffs

  • One minute, you're up 2-0 and everything's hunky dory. The next minute, you're down 6-2 and Jeff Carter has a hat trick. That was the night in Chicago, and the West final is now tied 1-1.
  • The Eastern Conference final continues tonight at MSG. The Canadiens are hoping to get lucky in New York, and they're not talking about Fleet Week.
  • Is Thomas Vanek playing like a man who wants to stay healthy for his next employer? [Montreal Gazette]. Seriously, what are the Habs going to do to get him going? [HEOTP]
  • The TV ratings for this year's playoffs, for those who are interested. [Puck Daddy]

IIHF Worlds

  • Team USA takes on the Czech Republic this morning in the quarterfinals. Also, here are some of the fascinating figures and trivia from this year's games.
  • How many Swiss hockey players does it take to score an empty net goal? More than two, obviously. [Puck Daddy]

The Professor and Maryann

  • Habs owner Geoff Molson talks about many subjects during his team's playoff run. [Inside Out]
  • Molson's current rich guy clubhouse president Gary Bettman gives the usual run down on expansion, the cap and so on. [NESN]
  • Professional Guy-Behind-The-Guy Larry Robinson returns to San Jose, now as both  assistant coach and director of player personnel. [Fear the Fin]
  • Caps seem to be off the Gretzky train, while Ryan Miller's California Dream might be dead. [LeBrun at LeWorldwide Leader]
  • Fancy Stats Corner: Stats or no stats, don't make snap judgments on players [Eric T] | Using stats to predict the future...future...future [Puck Prediction] | The Steve Simmons fallout continues as Cam Charron at Leafs Nation looks at what the real story with the Maple Leafs is.
  • Brian Rafalski has seen some shit, man, and gives advice to youngsters.
  • And SI's Michael Farber takes time away from hockey to concentrate on his health. [Montreal Gazette]
  • The dumbest hockey helmet of all time is here. And its inventor claims it will prevent concussions. It won't. [Puck Daddy]
  • Say what you will about Howie Rose, but the dude is a pro and, like it or not, his "Matteau-Matteau-Matteau" is a golden moment in hockey history. Here's the story behind the call. [Deadspin]
  • Also from Deadspin, the Doc Emerick soundboard you never knew you needed. AND A SHAAHHHHHTTT!

The trailer for the upcoming Red Army, a documentary about the wave of Russian stars that took the NHL by {red) storm in the late 80's and early 90's.

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