Islanders, Playoffs News: Tavares back skating; Nelson scores pair at IIHF WC

"I can't do this all myself, boys." - Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

Friday night in California means riveting hockey, of course.

More Game 7 tonight! This time it's the Battle of California, starting at 9 p.m. EDT in Anaheim. The Kings are on the road, but they are Proven Winners so they will rely on their Proven Winnerhood.

Isles Reads
  • You probably already knew this, but officially: John Tavares is skating, and is generally godly. [Isles] And "back to normal." [Buffalo radio via IPB]
  • Trent Klatt on whether parents should make their totally-future-NHLer kids play hockey 12 months of the year, or you know, be a kid and try other sports: "As an NHL scout, when I’m looking at these kids, I want to see an athlete. That’s one of the biggest things I look for – not if they can play one sport." [Icehockeyagency]
  • Your long-awaited Draft Party passes are now available. [Isles]
  • It's May 16 (or thereabouts...I don't look at the calendar during the offseson). Should you be worried about your Halak? [IslesTalk]
  • Now that we're to this point in the playoffs, are you rooting for Thomas Vanek? (Have you been rooting all along?) [FanPost]
  • Griffin Reinhart is in the Memorial Cup with the WHL champion Oil Kings, so let's remind everyone that this tournament, like most hockey tournaments, can turn on a bounce. [London Free Press]
Playoffs 'n Stuff
  • Canadiens fans make videos to relish dispatching the Bruins. [Habs Eyes on the Prize]
  • Denis Potvin and others weigh in on the whole "Lucic is a tool, but Weise broke some sort of code by answering questions about what everyone saw in the handshake line." [Sportsnet] The general sentiment: Don't be an ass in the line, don't whine about respect after winning.
  • More: What Lucic said to each and every Canadien because the old gunslinger just cares about winning that much more than Brett Favre. [PK'ist]
  • Are our expectations of "class" in the NHL too high? [Islanders Insight] I don't know what "class" means, so I don't use it; I just expect players to act like reasonable adults, which is...yeah, too high an expectation. But the customer's always right!
  • IIHF WC: Canada trounced the Danes 6-1. Meanwhile, Brock Nelson scored a pair but the U.S. fell to Latvia, 6-5. The U.S. plays Borat today.
  • The stocks of each playoff goalie. [Grantland]
  • Zenon Konopka has been suspended 20 games, but he can explain. [Yahoo]
  • Want dirty laundry? It's dirty laundry time! John Tortorella reportedly didn't hold enough practices, and wanted Alexandre Burrows to stop diving be bought out. [Sportsnet]
  • If you like soccer or know it's history at all, you'll appreciate how English fans' memory of Italia '90 is just another example of sports fans reading way too much into the outcome of a tournament where close calls rule your fate. [Guardian]
  • On that note, Michel Therrien would do well to heed his own insight about gambler's fallacy. [HEOTP]
Video Just Because

Atlanta used to have NHL hockey, it used to be the Flames, and here they are fighting the Islanders and a wild Bobby Nystrom:

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