11 Offseason Moves Garth Snow Should Try To Get Done.

Garth snow should honestly try do everything on this list in my opinion. Im interested in hearing other good ideas.

1. Offer this years #5 pick + Griffin Reinhart + (1-2) decent prospects or picks to Montreal for PK Subban. I would do this trade without blinking. Subban would add a 25 year old norris winner right to our squad and be a tremendous draw going into the Brooklyn. Some would probably prefer Pulock in this trade but can you imagine how deadly Subban and Pulock with his 100 mph shot would be. Filthy. Would also increase our chances of Malcom Subban wanting to sign with us down the road.

2. Offer this years #five for Evander Kane straight up. This would of course would have to be altered if we somehow magically landed Subban, but another trade a would do in a second, Kane would be another stud inserted right into the top line. Another huge draw for new Brooklyn fans. We should go after Kane without a doubt and this more easily accomplished than the Subban trade.

3. Trade a second and a third pick to move up in the draft and take The top goalie prospect Thatcher Demko. Also need to overall plan on drafting more top goalie prospects in this years draft.

4. If 1 or 2 is off the table, Draft Michael Dal Colle. I would love if we could get Reinhart but he's not worth trading up for. Worse case we get Drasaitl or Dal Colle. Both look like studs to me. I'm leaning towards Dal Colle.

5. Sign goalie Jonas Hiller in free agency. Anyone notice Anaheim is starting the playoffs with Andersen in Net? We are goddamn fools if we dont go after Hiller hardcore. Side note: Miller is staying with St louis and I'm not big on Halak, seems like kind of a wuss.

6. Sign goalie Brian Elliott in free agency. I have no problems signing Elliott he has put up some successful numbers in his career and deserves a change of scenery and a chance to compete for a starting job.

7. Trade for goalie Braden Holtby. He could be easily had (marginal picks/prospects)and he would benefit from a change of scenery out of that mess in Washington. I would not mind at all a Elliott/Holtby split situation. Reimer is not a bad back up plan if one of those don't work out.

8. Fix the starting and backup goalie situation by plan #8, please and thank you New York Islanders Management. One of 5, 6, or 7 should be accomplished no excuses.

9. If 1, 2 or 5 is not accomplished, Sign Ryan Callahan in free agency. You would be paying him a nice fat contract, but you wouldn't have to trade assets and he would be a great fit on this current roster. We also need another quality veteran leader.

10. Trade or sign a quality veteran defender. I'm even in favor of trading for Erhoff, he would add a steady veteran presence for years at a reasonable contract. Unless we magically get Subban, We are going to need to add a stopgap veteran d man at bare minimum.

11. Trade Josh Bailey for Sam Gagner. This would be worthwhile for both teams. I see both players benefitting from the swap

In my eyes, Garth needs to accomplish out at least 6 of 11 to earn back respect for this years failed season. These moves are all logical. I seriously wonder what Garth and his team even are even thinking of doing this offseason. It's time they stepped it up.

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