My letter to Charles Wang

What do you think?

Dear Mr. Wang,

I write to you as a very disgruntled fan after the trade deadline and the trade of Thomas Vanek.

As a die-hard Islander fan who watches every game, is the son of a season ticket holder, someone with their room painted Islander colors, and a Islanders license plate, I cannot believe the horrible way you treat us fans. We feel that it is time that the team should be heading in the right direction after the playoff appearance last year, and the acquisition of Vanek.

The problem is, that the team did not improve, they are in the bottom five again. Next, deadline day came around, and everyone in the world knew Vanek was going to be traded, and what did your lousy GM get? A prospect. A prospect with 9 points in 44 games in Sweden.

Us Isles fans expect better. We show up in large amounts to the stadium series, a huge money maker. We try our best to come to as many games as possible, and how are we treated? We want a stable GM, and coach, and also we want to show some passion and energy coming from the isles front office. We want to see Cappy disgruntled after a loss, we want Snow to reach out to the fans and explain why there are problems, and his plan to fix it.

As a future business student in college, I intended on applying for an internship with the Islanders next summer. I wanted to see what it is like to work with a professional franchise. Now my interest is peaking since I really want to know what actually is going on because none of us fans know, and we are all upset.

We beg you Charles, DO SOMETHING! Make a move, show us fans that you care. I will never forget you offering free tickets after a snowy night game. I thought that was extremely generous and would not have been done by other owners.

Now, the choice is yours. Are you going to make a move, and show the fans you care? Or are you going to do nothing and have fans calling for people like JOHN SPANO to return just because they cared about the fans.

Owning a team is all about the fans, and you need to repair your relationship with us before you lose us. It is only a matter of time before the Isles move to Brooklyn, and you want to keep the Long Island fans too, don't you?

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