NHL trade rumors: Kesler for Sutter; Isles' Miller inquiry; Wild chasing goalies

What other uniforms will they wear? - Martin Rose

Pittsburgh pushes for another center upgrade, the Wild push for a goalie.

Today's pre-trade deadline roundup of leaguewide nonsense focuses on the Ryan Kesler chase that won't go away, and the Wild and Islanders' (last summer) pursuit of goalies.

Feel free to add your own (with links or citation please) in comments. The armchair GM thing is also welcome, but please keep it loosely based on reality.

Ryan Miller: Isles Never Had a Chance on that One

Somewhat buried in Arthur Staple's trade deadline update yesterday was a factoid long assumed but not always understood by the average ranting fan:

The Islanders had inquired about Miller last summer, but the goaltender had the Islanders on the list of eight teams to whom he would not accept a trade, so that was a non-starter.

Combine that with an apparent offer of Nino Niederreiter or their 1st-round pick for Cory Schneider at the draft, and you have background for two of last summer's goalie targets. I don't recall any reporting on bids for Jonathan Bernier, however, so direct thy fury there.

Penguins Offering Sutter, Prospect, Picks for Kesler?

Rob Rossi of the Tribune in Pittsburgh has been hot on the Penguins' pursuit of Ryan Kesler, saying the asking price or offer is something like Brandon Sutter (Jordan Staal problem fixed!) and one of their top defenseman prospects. As interesting is why Kesler fancies Pittsburgh:

Penguins are atop his list of preferred destinations because he wants to play for a Cup contender and grew to respect Bylsma, assistant coach Tony Granato and Shero during the Olympics, the sources said.

Kesler, who has publicly denied his reported request for a trade, wants next to play for a U.S.-based team in the Easter time zone — though he is intrigued by possibly joining Chicago, which has emerged as the Penguins' challenger for his services, the sources said. Aside from the Penguins and Blackhawks, Kesler also would accept trades to Philadelphia and Detroit, the sources said.

Wild Chasing Goalies

The Wild are reportedly calling everyone about goalies, reports the Star-Tribune, and may be coaxed into taking Jaroslav Halak, who looks like he might not play a game for Buffalo.

Senators, Phillips Still Playing Poker

Darren Dreger reports that the Senators and Chris Phillips are still in a bit of a standoff on negotiating a contract extension. The thinking is that they would deal him if he doesn't sign, but he wants two years and they want one, according to Dreger.

Stastny Status Unknown

The Avalanche are always tight-lipped so it's doubtful they'll tip their hand on what to do with Paul Stastny. The Denver Post explores the team's options there for the pending unrestricted free agent center.

Panthers Shopping Boyes?

Last week Dale Tallon insisted there would be no firesale, but Sunday there was scuttlebutt that he could try the elusive "trade but then re-sign this summer" maneuver with Brad Boyes.

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