Why Garth Snow will draft Sam Reinhart...

Brother! - Bruce Bennett

I think there is a very very likely chance that Garth Snow will draft Sam Reinhart in the 2014 NHL draft this June. Here is why and how, Garth Snow will bring Sam to the New York Islanders.

1). THE WHY: Family, family, family:

Bringing Sam to the New York Islanders the same year Griffin Reinhart is supposed to make the team would be a fun way to mess with Butch. And I guess it would be kind of cool to play with your brother.

2). THE WHY: We have the defensive depth coming through the pipeline and Ekblad is not a guaranteed top pairing defenseman.

Why risk our 1st round pick on Ekblad when we have G. Reinhart, Polkka, Pelech, Pedan, Pulock, and Mayfield pushing for spots on our roster next year. Training camp is going to be insane!! Think about how many defensemen we have pushing for one of the coveted 7 defense spots on our roster. Here, I'll help you:

Hamonic, Visnovsky, DeHaan, Donovan, Strait, Hickey, Carkner, Ness, Reinhart, Polkka, Pelech, Pedan, Pulock, Mayfield.

That is 14 defensemen that could be on the roster opening night.

3). THE HOW: Reinhart is bound to go 1st or 2nd overall, competing with Sam Bennett for the #1 spot. Remember when everyone was saying how Seth Jones would go 1st overall and he dropped to Nashville at 6th overall? That is what is going to happen to Ekblad. The team's at the top of the draft most likely need forwards and it is easier to assess their talent. So how does Garth get to this coveted top spot?

We obviously need to see what the lottery results are. But beyond that, I could see our 2014 1st round pick packaged with our 2015 2nd round pick and Philadelphia's 2015 2nd round pick (we got in return for MacDonald). Also, I believe one of our defenseman prospects would get thrown in.

So you may ask yourself - why do we need Sam Reinhart? Well here is my answer.

First of all, it would be great having a set of brothers on the team. Think Sutters back in the day. But more importantly, the Islanders need a 3 center system if they ever want to make a deep playoff run. See Pittsburgh (Crosby, Malkin, Staal) and the LA Kings (Kopitar, Richards, Stoll) if you need clarification - that is how strong teams are built to win.

The NY Islanders would have Tavares, S. Reinhart, Nielsen down the middle. That makes for a winning team. Personally, I DO NOT think Strome will stay at center. I could easily see him being moved to Tavares' wing. Nelson could play center as well if one of our centers gets hurt, but he will play great along S. Reinhart's wing.

IF Sam Reinhart is drafted by the NY Islanders, we would have a playoff-caliber forwards corp going into 2014-2015. Something along the lines of:

Nelson - Tavares - Okposo

Strome - Reinhart - Lee

Bailey - Nielsen - Grabner

Martin - Cizikas - Clutterbuck


Thank you for reading,


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