Islanders 101 - Turn a young upcoming team back to a bottom 5 team

Last year this team had 2 huge milestones achieved:

1. The arena issue was finally settled. The Islanders moved but stayed in NY!!!!!!!!

2. MADE THE PLAYOFFS!!!!!! Not only just make the playoffs but gave the Penguins a good series.

Other good signs was JT really taking his game to the ELITE level and Okposo finally coming into his own. But the playoffs exposed this team's weaknesses Goalie, Defense, and Secondary Scoring.

Goalie - Nabokov is not a #1 Goalie anymore he is a top backup and for short periods can play at that level but not for a full season. Poulin is not a #1 Goalie either. To make this team get to the next level a Goalie HAD TO BE AQUIRED no matter what it took. Did Garth Snow try, yes. Did succeed NO. All he did was make the future of this team worse. The failed Schneider trade. Snow offered to Canucks Nino straight up for Schneider. The Canucks said no but made a counter proposal of Nino and the Islanders 1st round pick but Snow said no. The top it off he goes to the Devils who are in our own Division.

Defense - With Mark Streit our Defense was questionable at best. Mark Streit is no longer a #1/2 defenseman, he is a good #4 and a power play quarterback. Should the Islanders have matched the 4 years $21 Mil he got as a free agent NO. But the Islanders needed to find a replacement for a #4 Defenseman. Martinek and Carkner were certainly not the answer. If your not going to resign Streit or find a real replacement, why didn't the Islanders give CDH or Reinhart a real chance to make the team in training camp? Once Lubo got hurt it compounded the problem exponentially. AMac is not a #1/2 Defenseman, he is not even a #3/4 defenseman, but if he was your #6 defenseman nobody would have a problem. This year because of injuries he is getting #1/2 Defenseman minutes. At one point a couple of years ago we all thought he was going to be a good #3/4 defenseman, he has regressed to at best he is only #6 Defenseman. By not finding a suitable replacement for Streit and Injuries Amac became our #1 defenseman by default.

Not only did Snow not pull the trigger on the Schneider deal to fix our biggest problem the Goalie issue, he then trades Nino, a 20/21 year old top 6 forward prospect, who was ready to make the jump to the NHL, for Clusterfuck a 25 year bottom 6 forward and a 3rd round pick. Nino was touted as a power forward with a scoring ability. Clusterfuck is a grinder at his best on a good team he is a 3rd line forward. This team does not need another 3rd / 4th Liner it needs more GOAL SCORERS. Since JT's Rookie Season the 1st Line is the only consistent line that scores. To get to the next level the Islanders needed to find another winger to compliment JT and Moulson and find 2 other top 6 forwards. This could have come In-House/Trade/FA. By trading Nino the Islanders only have 1 Stud Forward Prospect Strome. If the Islanders traded Nino in a trade for Schneider nobody would have any issue with that, because it would have settled our Goalie problems once and for all. It might have weakened our secondary scoring pool but a stud goalie wins Stanley Cups just look at 1983 Islanders vs Oilers, Billy Smith. or the Devils Martin Broduer. To make matters worse Snow then trades Moulson a 3 time 30 goal scorer who, LIKES TO PLAY ON THE ISLANDERS, plus a 1st and 2nd Round pick for Vanek. Vanek is a better player than Moulson, not by much but he is better. The problem is that he is in his walking year and there was no way he was going to sign with this team. Moulson would have easily resigned and probably for discount. Now we are going to lose Vanek surprise, surprise. So not only did we lose a potential top 6 forward, the Islanders lost a proven 30 goal scorer. How is Snow going to replace that? This is a team that has problems scoring goals, WHERE ARE THE GOALS GOING TO COME FROM? Besides that we do not have a 1st or 2nd Round pick next year.

That is the Islanders Front Office Lesson on how to FUCK UP A TEAM.

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