Prospect Risk - Vanek To Kings

The Kings are being floated as a fitting destination for Vanek. I agree his offense would be very welcome on their top line, so it makes sense for Dean Lombardi to give Garth a call and find out what the asking price would be.

The Kings being perilously close to the cap makes things pretty tough. However, that's not my biggest issue with the Kings as a trade partner. The Isles could probably pry away LA's 1st (which will be mid-to-low in the round). LA doesn't have a 2nd round pick in 2014, has 2 3rd rounders.

When looking over their prospects, they have a few good ones, but overall it's a pretty bare cupboard. The ones that are highly touted make for interesting debate.

I don't believe LA would trade Tyler Toffoli. They may consider trading Derek Forbort, however I strongly believe another D prospect in the system doesn't really give the Isles much more than they already have. Then there's Martin Jones. He was pretty spectacular earlier this year, but a rookie goalie having a hot streak (in front of an elite defense) doesn't give me the warm-and-fuzzies. I'm not sure this fan base can endure yet another goalie prospect (no matter how highly touted) who flat lines up the development ladder - somewhere between terrible and frustratingly mediocre. Forgive my pessimism on Jones - I think he's better than any prospect the Isles have - but a rookie coming over from that LA defense to play behind the Isles defense (no matter how improved I think it will be) is still a total crap shoot. Garth Snow can't afford another swing and miss on a goalie.

Signing Hiller or Halak should be a priority in the summer to address the goalie situation.

So that doesn't leave much to make a deal. LA desperately needs offense, so giving up Toffoli (even for an elite rental) is crazy. The Isles need at goalie is more immediate than LA can provide (at least without major risk). And the Isles defensive issues - if they are to solve it via the prospect pipeline - have plenty of kids coming through. One more isn't going to be worth as much.

Now, if Pittsburgh calls and doesn't hang up after Snow says, "Olli Maatta"...

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