NHL trade rumors: Callahan in the '99 percent'; Cammalleri, Bolland negotiations

"You like we have the caviar, or no?" - USA TODAY Sports

An overview of the burning trade topics to soothe your rumor-mongering soul.

As the NHL trade deadline approaches and as a way of organizing the rabid commentariat here, we'll collect some of the blurbs and nonsense that's going around the league each day.

Feel free to add your own (with links or citation please) in comments. But if you're doing the armchair GM thing, please also try to be somewhat realistic and not so HFboards-ish.

Today we practice the random use of "99 percent," because putting a percentage on something makes it more real somehow.

Callahan Trade '99 percent guaranteed'

Darren Dreger dropped a bushel of nuggets Tuesday on "insider" segments for NHL Network and TSN, including the assertion that it's a "99 percent guarantee" the Rangers will trade Ryan Callahan. (While we're tossing around percents, this post is at least 10 percent fat free.)

I still can't help thinking both sides are bluffing here, but we'll see. If it were me, I sure wouldn't sign Callahan to a seven- nor eight-year-deal.

Regardless, one thing I'd bet on: No, a Callahan trade won't be for Martin St. Louis -- though Newsday's Arthur Staple recently posted that he heard from three separate sources that St. Louis indeed requested a trade, possibly after the Olympic snub as Bob McKenzie suggested.

Flames Attempt to Sign Cammalleri, Kind Of

In the due course of business, Flames GM Brian Burke said they offered a contract to Mike Cammalleri, who has said he'd like to stay. This sounds like a low-ball offer rendered to say, "We tried" while waiting for offers that will goose their tear-down rebuild.

Burke is ready, by the way, professing to have done his homework and determined each team that will make the playoffs. He even said he had a "no rentals" hockey deal in discussion Monday...which of course was not consummated, because we fans can't enjoy any cap-free trade drama anymore.

Penguins Act Like They'll Stand Pat

For a team that almost always adds veteran pieces at the deadline, Penguins GM Ray Shero doth protest too much. He is again saying the team is likely not to make a move, in part due to cap reasons.

Just a Question of Where for Miller

Ryan Miller has been the not-Vanek trade bait in Buffalo all season long, and now that the deadline nears it sounds like the Sabres will try to "do right by" him and find a contender to send him to.

Bruins Want D?

A frequent topic early in this deadline season is that the Bruins are looking to add to defense -- isn't every team? -- and one curious name that has come up is the Flyers' oft-scratched Andrej Meszaros. Isles fans can drum up some Andrew MacDonald trade offers here.

Sticking with the Bruins, is Malcolm Subban valuable trade bait? I've been dubious on betting so early on a goalie -- because goalies are evil and perplexing -- but Jonathan Willis makes a case: "His 0.921 save percentage as a 20-year-old in the AHL is an exceptional number, both because it would be in any league and because Subban made the jump to the professional ranks a year earlier than most players do."

Bolland Wants $5 Million

Also from Dreger, David Bolland reportedly wants $5 million per year on his next contract, which comes due this summer. The Leafs understandably have trouble digesting this.

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