New York Islanders 2013 Rookie Camp Roster: 3 Goalies, Many Defensemen

Aaron Ness watches Nathan McIver take a penalty, probably. - Bruce Bennett

I'm Izlez-RookiE I got d-men galore / You may have a lot of d-men but I got much more

The New York Islanders announced the roster for their rookie camp, which starts this week and takes the prospects and (mostly) Bridgeport-bound fellows up through the NHL camp, which begins Sept. 11.

Here's how it's presented at their AHL affiliate Bridgeport site:

The 31-player roster is comprised of 13 forwards, 15 defensemen, and three goaltenders. Of those players, 21 are Islanders draft picks (indicated in bold).

Rookie Camp will run through Tuesday, Sept. 10 with Islanders Main Camp set to begin on Wednesday, Sept. 11.

My, it's a lot of blueliners:


Clark, Jason                                   6'2              202 lbs.
Crus Rydberg, Victor                     5'11            186 lbs.

Diamond, Joe                                  5'8              172 lbs.
Halmo, Mike                                    5'11            196 lbs.
Kabanov, Kirill                               6'3              196 lbs.
Lee, Anders                                    6'3              219 lbs.

Miller, Greg                                     6'0              187 lbs.       
Nelson, Brock                                6'4              200 lbs.
Persson, John                                6'2              219 lbs.
Quine, Alan                                    5'11            190 lbs.
Strome, Ryan                                 6'1              188 lbs.
Sundstrom, Johan                         6'3              196 lbs.

Wetmore, Riley                               6'0               195 lbs.


Burroughs, Kyle                            5'11             184 lbs.
Cantin, Marc                                   6'1               205 lbs.
Dalhuisen, Mike                              6'2                231 lbs.       
de Haan, Calvin                            6'1                187 lbs.

Donovan, Matt                              6'1               198 lbs.
Graham, Jesse                              5'11             168 lbs.

Jackson, Dallas                              6'2                198 lbs.
Keenan, Mike                                 6'0               180 lbs.
Leduc, Loic                                   6'6               213 lbs.
Mayfield, Scott                             6'5               206 lbs.
Ness, Aaron                                 5'10              181 lbs.
Pedan, Andrey                             6'3               208 lbs.
Pelech, Adam                              6'3               211 lbs.
Pulock, Ryan                               6'1               214 lbs.
Reinhart, Griffin                          6'5               205 lbs.


Milner, Parker                               6'0               184 lbs.
Nilsson, Anders                          6'5               227 lbs.
Reiter, Ken                                  5'10              173 lbs.

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