Analysis of Back-to-Back Games for Islanders and Opponents 2013-14

Tired foes do desperate things. - USA TODAY Sports

There is already a list up of back-to-back games for each team. That is important. Isles are tied for 3rd most B2Bs in the NHL, but are within one game of average in the division. Here is the Isles' division:

NJD: 22

CAR: 20

NYI: 18

CLB: 17

PIT: 17

WSH: 17

PHI: 14

NYR: 13

Overall, this is probably okay for Isles, since there is a strong chance they will be competing with Carolina or New Jersey for the 3rd or 4th spot in the division. Do Isles have to worry about PHI? If NYR play well, will NYI be competing with them for the last playoff spot in the East?

But I think from an Islanders' perspective, this is important too: a list of the games Isles will face teams when opponents are on back end of a back-to-back. (The 2nd back end of the back-to-back, I mean!)

Isles opponents will "be tired" for games 15 times this season, whereas Isles will be 18 times. The average # of back-to-back games is 14.6, according to the article linked above, so 15 isn't necessarily bad. I'm guessing the average of the other Metro Division teams is about 15-- that would be logical, anyway.

And one can assume that there will be less traveling for the Metro division than the other three, so perhaps having more back-to-backs evens things out, on some level.

Also notice that Isles play "tired" opponents at home 12 out of 15 times. That could have its advantage, as opponents won't have their home fans to give them "extra energy." (But Rangers will likely have a lot of fans October 29th.)

Of the Isles' 18 "tired" games, 11 of them are away. NJD have 14; CAR, PIT, WSH each have 12; CLB and PHI each have eight; NYR are tied for least in the NHL with seven.

* Asterisk is used to note when Isles have 2nd of B2B games. When it is on the side of the line of text, that means both Isles and opponents will be playing 2nd of B2B. (So October 5th CLB and NYI will both be playing 2nd consecutive day.) When it is between lines, it means Isles have a B2B in days between opponents' back-to-back games.

For details of Isles' back-to-back games, simply look at NYI schedule.

*10/4-5: CGY @ CLB 7:00, CLB @ NYI 7:00


10/14-15: MIN @ BUF 7:30, BUF @ NYI 7:00


10/28-29: MTL @ NYR 7:30, NYR @ NYI 7:00



11/15-16: WSH @ DET 7:30, DET @ NYI 7:00


*11/29-30 MTL @ WSH 5:00, WSH @ NYI 7:00


*12/20-21 ANA @ NJD 7:00, ANA @ NYI 7:00

12/27-28 CLB @ NJD 7:00, NJD @ NYI 7:00




1/22-23 MTL @ PIT 7:00, PIT @ NYI 7:30

*3/1-2 FLA @ CLB 2:00, FLA @ NYI 3:00


3/13-14: SJS @ CLB 7:00, SJS @ NYI 7:00


3/17-18: MIN @ BOS 7:30, MIN @ NYI 7:00


4/4-5: WSH @ NJD 7:30, WSH @ NYI 5:00


4/9-10: MTL @ CHI 7:30, NYI @ MTL 7:30

*4/10-11: NJD @ OTT 7:30, NYI @ NJD 7:30

4/12-13: BUF @ BOS 12:30, NYI @ BUF 5:00

April will be interesting (team that will be playing 2nd of B2B):









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