Petition To Have The Islanders Wear The Fisherman Jersey At Yankee Stadium (i can explain)

disclaimer: before you call me insane, wait, stop. give me a chance to explain, its better than working so spend a minute here to consider what i'm begging.

the New York Islanders are going to be playing the NY Rangers outdoors at Yankee Stadium on january 29th.

it will be an islander home game, which actually kinda sucks since next season will probably be the last game at heavenonearthontheturnpike.

it sucks because that means one less game at fort neverlose (40 regular season games left there), one less game against the stupid rangers at the coli, and one less chance to honk lets go islanders in the parking lot.

which is why i ask you to join me in my quest to have the islanders celebrate their history at yankee stadium by wearing their fisherman jerseys.

the era the islanders wore the fisherman style jerseys was a nightmare for the fans. seriously, just ask us about those years. they will tell you how hard it is to actually comprehend that time in history.

as fans, those of us who are still around deserve to have our voices heard by a franchise who for too long ignored us. we want whats best for the team and i think this is best for us.

the last season at the coliseum will be a time to reflect on our home and like it or not, the fisherman era happened. we need to remember it, because it is a part of who we are as people.

instead of running from the past like we usually do, we need to greet it head on, lock horns with it, and take it down with class.

i think those jerseys and that environment are a perfect match. how cool would it be to see our lord and savior johnny christ skating around during warm ups, sans helmet donned in the turquoise, silver, orange, and white. that jersey will sell like hot cakes. (i'll take a visnovsky one please)$$$$$

the purpose of this plea isn't to bring these jerseys back in an ironic fashion like hipsters do by wearing nick van exel jerseys, its more of just acknowledging the past and moving on with dignity.

hope i'm not crazy. or i guess that a lot of you are as crazy as i am.

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