Playoff Goaltending Part II - Game 3

Game 3 saw the Isles jump out to an early 2 goal lead, and Nabokov made a handful of saves as the Islanders dominated possession. That all chenged, though, with 2 very bad penalties.

Game 3 - Goal 1

On a 5 on 3 penalty kill, there is bound to be someone open.


Brain Strait loses Jarome Iginal behind him at the side of the net. Nabakov needs to play the shot from the point, and once again, has gone way down exposing the top half of the net. That didn't matter, though, as Letang was able to find a wide-open Iginla at the side of the net for an easy tip-in. No goaltender is going to get that one.

In Strait's defense, he was filling in for Hamonic, who would have been there if he hadn't just taken the penalty to put us down 2 men. Streit was also in the box. If there had been time for a change, the next pair would have been Lubo/Carkner. Carkner alone on a 5 on 3 is scary enough. The thought of a Strait/Carkner pairing gives me nightmares.

There's enough blame to go around the D-corps here.

Game 3 - Goal 2

15 seconds after the last goal, Streit is now out of the box. Penguins are still ona 5 on 4. A Malkin home run pass to Kunitz catches Lubo and Strait asleep at the blue line. Kunitz breaks in all alone.


Kunitz breaks in and cuts from Nabby's left to his right. Nabby commits a little too early, exposing the net on his glove side. Kunitz is able to exploit that hole over the glove to tie the game.

I split blame evenly here between Lubo, Strait and Nabby. The D needs to be aware to prevent this, but Nabby needs to make this save.

Game 3 - Goal 3

With a minute left in the period, Sidney Crosby races down the right side to Nabby's left, leaving Lubo in his dust. Pascal Dupuis beats a backchecking John Tavares to the net front.


Crosby makes a perfect pass to the front of the net. Dupuis is able to tip it in.

I can't fault Nabby at all on this one. Lubo can't get beaten like that. Tavares probably can't do much more to Dupuis other than take a penalty hauling him down before he gets to the net, but he got beat from the red line when he was watching Kunitz and ignoring Dupuis behind him. Bailey and Boyes were changing behind the play.


As Kunitz makes the pass up to Crosby, Streit is pinching up while Lubo is coming over to cover Crosby.


Kunitz banks a pass off the boards to Crosby. Dupuis knows that Tavares hasn't noticed him, and had begun a full sprint to the net from the red line. Lubo continues towards Crosby, but gets beaten.

I place the blame on this one on everyone but Nabby. Boyes and Bailey for a slow, sloppy change (Bailey has just gotten to the bench at this point, Boyes was still a ways away), Tavares for not being aware of the player behind him (the video shows he doesn't pick him up until below the hashmarks), and the defense for not being in position. I can't fault Lubo too much for getting beaten by Crosby, but he did have a chance to ride him away from the net by using his body, and instead tried to make a stick check and missed badly.

Game 3 - Goal 4

This one makes me physically ill to look at.


Nabby has not come out to challenge the shooter, he's already crouched down, and his glove hand is in front of his body, not at the side ready. Again, the scouting report is to shoot high glove, and Doug Murray does just that. This is just a horrible, horrible goal to give up.

Game 3 - Goal 5

In Overtime, killing a penalty, Crosby has the puck behind the net.


As a Malkin pass went back to Paul Martin on the point, both grabner and Nielsen race out to challenge the shot. MacDonald is covering the front of the net. Hamonic is off to the side. As Martin makes the pass to a wide open Crosby on the goal line almost 15 feet from the net, MacDonald went diving to block a possiblt shot, taking him out of the play. Hamonic was slow to get to the front of the net to cover. and Kunitz raced over. Nielsen realized Kunitz was open and tried to get back to cover him.

All the while, Nabby was already down on his knees in net. Instead of sliding out and over to follow the Crosby pass, he slid right along the goal line, leaving the top of the net wide open over his glove. Kunitz put the shot over his glove to win the game.

There is some blame to be placed on the horrible coverage in front, but this is still a shot that needs to be stopped via better positioning and mechanics.

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