Playoff Goaltending - Why the Islanders are down 2-1 (Games 1 and 2)

There has been plenty of heated discussion in the pre-game, game and post-game threads about the quality of goaltending the Islanders have received from Evgeny Nabokov in the first 3 games.

His numbers have been very bad.

Game 1 - 21 Minutes played, 4 goals allowed on 15 shots (73.3%)

Game 2 - 60 Minutes played, 3 goals allowed on 33 shots (90.9%)

Game 3 -

After the jump, a look, goal by goal, at what went wrong.

Game 1 - Goal 1

Pittsburgh is on the power play. Beau Bennet skates down the right side and take a shot from a deep angle that beats Nabokov over the shoulder.


Nabby is hugging the post, sealing off any low shot, but leaving a 6 inch gap over his shoulder. Bennett finds that hole. 100% on the goaltender for letting that one by.

Game 1 - Goal 2

Nabby is facing a flurry of shots, he comes way out of his crease to challenge the shot, and is run over by Craig Adams.


This one is NOT on Nabby. The play should have been a penalty for goaltender interference.

1/2 on bad goals.

Game 1 - Goal 3

On the power play, shot is taken from the faceoff dot. MacDonald may be partially screeneing Nabby, but look how low he is. Letang puts the shot up over his shoulder, so even without a screen, Nabby doesn't get it.


This one is on Nabby. He's set up low, and back in the crease, giving away the top of the net.

2/3 on bad goals.

Game 1 - Goal 4

The pass comes down from the point to the slot. Dupuis is left alone to receive the pass by MacDonald. Nabby, who had been challenging the point shot, is slow to get over to defend the slot shot.


I'm putting this one 50% on AMac, 50% on Nabby. Again, hwe is down on his knees, inable to get over to defend the side of the net he left open.

2.5/4 on Bad Goals

Game 2 - Goal 1

The rebound is laying in front of the net. MacDonald and Cizikas are in a poisiton to be able to clear it. Nabby goes for the poke check and misses, leaving Malkin about 20 square feet of net to hit as he shovels it over a prone goaltender.


Hamonic has Malkin engaged, but Malkin is able to reach the puck with his stick. Had Nabby not gone down, he can make the stop.

3.5/5 on bad goals

Game 2 - Goal 2

Penguin PP. Nabby has gone down early yet again, but this one is also on the defense.


Crosby is left alone behind the D. Nabby is on the ice out of position. The D and the G are sharing the blame on this one.

4/6 on bad goals

Game 2 - Goal 3

As bad as an angle as this one was, this goal is on Travis Hamonic. Hammer had Crosby marked as they skated down the left side, but as Crosby went behind the net, Hammer let him go to cover the front. MacDonald was already engaged. Nabby was actually upright, and had been challenging the shot from the point which never came.


Crosby was wide open for the pass down, and I don't think any goaltender was going to get back to stop that shot. Hamonic needs to read the situation and realize that he can't hand Crosby off to MacDonald as he normally would.

This is really a well drawn up play by the Pens. They took advantage of Hamonic being a 'good' D-man. Ned Stark was good, too.

4/7 on bad goals.

In part 2, coming tomorrow, I'll look at all 5 goals allowed. 3 of them were up over Nabby's shoulders.

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