New York Islanders vs. Buffalo Sabres Preview: Control what you can control.

Guys, you're on the same team! (Right now anyway.) - Phillip MacCallum

In the final regular season game for both teams, Buffalo tries to please its home fans while the Isles try to get a better playoff seed. We think.

Last night was a setback for fans (and players?) hoping to avoid a first-round encounter with the Pittsburgh Penguins. But it also showed how things can change in an instant, as the Islanders gave up the winning goal with under 10 minutes in the game, while fellow seed-chasers New York and Ottawa tied their games late and then won in OT.

For the Islanders, all they can do is take two points -- before the game is 65 minutes old, preferably -- and then hope the Sens and/or Rangers falter again.

Essentially, the Isles need a regulation win, then need the Rangers and Sens to not pass them in points (duh) nor win themselves in regulation or OT. Eric Hornick spells out all the possible scenarios here.

Nyi-islim_medium Buf-slimm_medium
Islanders (24-17-6, 8th/E) @ Sabres (20-21-6, 12th)
7 p.m. | MSG+ | Audio:
random letters] Center
Pegula's Peasants:
Die by the Blade

Lineup Notes
Three Good Reads

From Elliotte Friedman's 30 Thoughts:

9. Interesting to hear New York Islanders players talk about the reason for their playoff berth. "John Tavares carried us for 25 games while the rest of us figured out what our roles were," said one. "Once that happened, I think we actually made it easier on him. Now everyone understands what is expected of them."

There is more Isles ink there in thoughts 10 and 11, including something about the silent but deadly Dane.

If you missed it in the a.m. bits, the Post has something from Frans Nielsen on the shift he thought was a turning point in the season.

That shift ended in a goal by Colin McDonald against the Rangers, 29 seconds into the second period after the Isles had rolled over in the first. Here's an argument for why guys like McDonald should be the real Masterton nominees.

FIG Picks

I believe consensus, and fairness, dictates that our FIG tournament ends with tonight's game. Leave your First Islanders Goal picks here.

Good news is, no matter what happens, this team is headed to the playoffs. We'll begin a new FIG tourney there.

Prize, as always, is that on your deathbed you will receive total consciousness ... which is nice.

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