8 Game Chunks #5 - The Playoff Push

Tracking games 33-40 for all 30 teams. This one went pretty well for the Isles.

The hottest teams over these 8 games:

Chicago, the Islanders, San Jose and Washington, all going 6-1-1 13. Montreal, Pittsburgh, St. Louis and Vancouver went 6-2-0 12. Phoenix went 5-1-2 12.

The not-so-hottest: Carolina 1-7-0 2, New Jersey 0-4-4 4, Carolina and Calgary 2-6-0 4.

The League average was 9 points in 8 games.

For scoring, the leage average was 2.46 gpg. Montreal led the way at 3.50, followed by Dallas, Phoenix, Toronto and Vancouver at 3.25, and Edmonton at 3.13. The Islanders scored 2.88 gpg.

The low scoring teams were Minnesota and Colorado at 1.50 gpg, Carolina, Detroit and Winnipeg at 1.75 gpg and Ottawa at 1.88 gpg.

Defensively, Vancouver led the way allowing only 1.38 gpg. St. Louis and Chicago allowed 1.63. The Isles allowed 1.75, and Boston and Pittsburgh allowed 1.88 gpg

Shooting: The average team took 235 shots over 8 games. Leading the way was Carolina with 289 shots, the Kings with 272 and the Rangers with 268.

St. Louis took only 190 shots, Winnipeg 202 and Dallas 207.

The Islanders had 258 shots on goal.

Shooting %: League average was 8.5%. Leaders were Dallas at 12.6%, Dallas at 12.5%, Toronto at 12.1% and Edmonton at 11.7%.

On the bottom end of the scale, Carolina shot an abysmal 4.8%, Colorado at 5.1% and Ottowa at 5.6%.

The Islanders shot 8.9%

Save %: League average was 91.5%. Vancouver stopped 95.2%, Boston 94.4%, Phoenix 94.3%.

The Islanders saved 93.2%

The seives were Carolina 86.9%, Calgary 87.0% and New Jersey 87.6%

Penalty Minutes: Teams took an average of 74 PIM in the 8 games.

Spending the most itme in the box was Philadelphia 121, Tampa Bay and Toronto 104, Ottawa 101 and Florida 100.

The Isles spent 55 minutes in 8 games.

The least penalized teams were Chicago 39, Detroit 42, Boston and Nashville 50.

Power Pay Opportunities: League average was 22.3

Ottawa had 30 chances, New Jersey and Carolina 29, and Tampa Bay 28.

The islanders had 18

The fewest chances went to St. Louis 11, Boston 13, Columbus and Chicago 16 and Pittsburgh 17.

Power Play Scoring: League average was 16.88%.

Florida led with 36.84% (7/19). Montreal was next 30.77% (8/26) and St. Louis third with 27.27% (3/11)

The Islanders were below average at 11.11% (2/18)

Those who should have declined them were Nashville 4.55% (1/22); Winnipeg 4.76% (1/21), Columbus and Chicago 6.25% (1/16)

Times shorthanded: The league average was 22.3

San Jose was short only 14 times, Chicago 15, and Nashville, the Islanders and Winnipeg 16 times.

Florida was short 31 times, Buffalo, Colorado, Philadelphia, Phoenix and Tampa Bay were short 28 times.

Penalty Kill: League average was 83.89%

St. Louis killed 20/20 100% to lead. Toronto killed 22/23 95.65%, Montreal 19/20 95.00% and Chicago 14/15 93.33%.

The Islanders were 14/16 87.5%

Giving it away were Washington 13/19 68.42%, Minnesota 16/23 69.57% and Florida 23/31 74.19%

Special Teams Index: combines PP % - SHGA and PK + SHGF. 100% is average

Leaders: St. Louis 132.27%, Montreal 121.92%, San Jose 116.67% and Vancouver 115.79%

The Islanders were 98.61%

Winnipeg had 76.49% to be the worst in the league. Buffalo checked in at 82.14%, Calgary at 85.12% and Columbus at 85.71%

Real Time Stats:

Hits: The league average was 193.5. The Islanders had 158.

Blocks: League Average 115.4. Islanders with 143.

Missed Shots: League Average was 90.6. islanders had 79.

Faceoffs: League Average is 50% (go figure)

Leading the way was San Jose at 55.45%, Chicago 55.02% and Columbus 54.38%.

The Isles were near worst int he league at 46.81%

Worst was Calgary at 45.53%, Detroit at 45.94% and Anaheim at 46.68%

Schedule: League average was 16.23 days to play 8 games.

Buffalo had just 13 days to complete them. Anaheim, Carolina and Colorado had 14 days.

The isles were given 16 days.

Taking their sweet time were Florida and Ottawa 19 days, Dallas, Detroit, New Jersey, Pittsburgh, Tampa Bay and Toronto with 18 days.

The link to the Google Doc Spreadsheet with all the data is here.

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