Modern Day Blasphemy: A Trade Deadline Primer

It is officially silly season! Which means your twitter feed will be log-jammed with officially zany trade rumors and other strange donuts of information to snack on.

Ah, the smell of fresh rumo(u)rs in the morning.

The Islanders have stated, of course, that they will stay the course. Garth Snow says it pretty much every year, despite clamoring. We have a bunch of eligible bachelors on expiring contracts, and a few who aren't but shouldn't be excluded from the fun.

While Garth takes a long introspective look to improve this franchise, why don't we get a little batty here and see if we can't conjure up some fun banter about who should go, where he should go, and what we should get in return.

Since the last, last lockout and the advent of crazed rumor mongers, trying to talk trades and rumors with other hockey fans has become a sort of taboo. I get that its not all that okay to swirl up a hellstorm of rumors if you are a heavyweight in the hockey media, but for us plebeians here in this forum, I see no harm in it.

I think the move that Snow should make (whether it be now or then is up to him), is to trade perennial 30-goal-scorer Matt Moulson and his bushyness to a team seeking some scoring depth. In fact, just today I read an article that mentioned he would be a good fit in Boston.

I know this would be a touchy move, Moulson is a fan-fave, he comes to play every game, and he produces, but he could also demand a king's ransom. All the while freeing space in our top-six for one of our dynamic young forwards.

For a team that is once again in dire need of some stability in goal, Malcolm Subban and a pick could be a nice return for a player like Moulson.

I am sorry if I have offended any of you with the suggestion above.

Next come the easily movable assets, the Brad Boyeses and the Mark Streits.

Boyes is having a nice season. His career is now saved and he can go off and sign a nice multi-year deal elsewhere at the end of the season. I like Boyes, I would even have him back next year. But he is not a top line winger on a Stanley Cup Champion. And I assume that is the goal.

Why wouldn't we try to sell him off now, while the market is at a premium. Beat the other sellers to the punch and see if we can work out one of those trades that leaves the rest of the league wondering how the hell that could happen.

So why on earth would we take apart the best line we've had so far this season? Well, simply because this season isn't going to end with us winning the Stanley Cup.

Thus, changes need to be made with that goal in mind.

As for Mark Streit, the team claims to be trying to re-sign him, the same way they are trying to bring back unrestricted free agents Boyes, Evgeni Nabokov, Lubomir Visnovsky, and Marty Reasoner.

Streit is our captain. He moves the puck well. He makes the best behind-the-back-passes does other things well too. When our general manager saw that Douglas Murray was moved for a pair of second round picks, he should have picked up the phone and immediately made Mark Streit available. T

Teams that need Power Play help (Vancouver, Detroit, and Boston) could use Streit's extra-man panache. Moulson/Boyes and Streit as a Power Play Package? Now we're talking. I shutter to think at the return we could get on something like that.

The way this piece is going it may surprise you that I hope we do not move Lubomir Visnovsky. I think its pretty evident that Lubo, despite his wandering, is the best defensemen we've had here in a while. He is smart with his pinches, has speed to make up for mistakes, has a nifty stick, and a whole bunch of offense to boot.

Now, if Lubo doesn't want to stay here, we need to move him. I just think his return won't match up with what he'd be worth keeping around.

There are other players on this team that I would like to see moved. I don't think we can trade Nabokov and despite the crazy return rate thus far, I don't see any teams anteing up much of anything for the Baileys, the Reasoners, and the Okposos of the world. So that's where I will leave it.

We have 8 days until the deadline. Despite such a short time, there is a chance we could be completely out of this thing or completely in it. And if we do finally string together a few wins here, well I just wasted everybody's time.

Let's Go Islanders.

<em>Submitted FanPosts do not necessarily reflect the views of this blog or SB Nation. If you're reading this statement, you pass the fine print legalese test. Four stars for you.</em>

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