Ochos Part Deux: 2013 NHL Teams in 8-Game Chunks

Bruce Bennett

With the Bruins finally getting their 16th game in last night, beating the isles 4-1, the second segment of 8-game chunks for 2013 can get underway.

This report puts all teams at exactly 1/3 of the way into the season, with their records and stats beginning with their 9th game, to what they were at the conclusion of their 16th game.

Records, Goals For, Goals Against

The Islanders, at 2-6-0 (4 pts), came in 29th out of 30 teams. Only San Jose (1-5-2, 4 pts) did worse. Imagine the plight of Phoenix, which went 6-2-0 (12 pts, and lost ground to both Anaheim (7-1-0 14 pts) and Chicago (7-0-1 15). Boston was on top of the East, at 6-1-1 (13), with Pittsburgh and Toronto tied for second at 6-2-0 (12).

One positive outcome, though, is that as bad as the Islanders did, several other conference teams didn't do much better, so not as much ground was lost on the rest of the conference. Tampa Bay was 2-5-1 (5), Washington and Buffalo 3-5-0 (6) and Ottawa 3-4-1 (7). Rejoice in the fact that several other teams were only slightly less sucky than us!


In terms of goal scoring, Tampa Bay led with 32 goals scored. It did not help them to be 28th with 30 goals given up, though. Not suprisingly, Chicago was a +14 (30-16). Toronto was a +12 (25-13). San Jose was on the bottom end at -12 (10-22), with the Isles also a -12 (19-31). Phoenix scored just as many goals as the islanders did (19), but only allowed half as many. Good goaltending must count for something. In this case, 4 wins in 8 games.



Ottawa generated the most shots on net (NHL numbers, take them with a giant salt lick), but only shot at a rate of 4.98%. Tampa Bay took the fewest shots (196), but shot at 16.33%, tops in the league. The Islanders were 3rd in the NHL with 254 shots taken (7.48% - good for 28th best in the NHL)

On the other side, Toronto gave up 277 shots (4.69% opp shooting %) and Buffalo gave up 269 (9.29% opp shooting %).

The Kings gave up only 192 shots on net (7.29% opp sht %). St. Louis gave up 200 shots (league worst 15.50% opp sht %)

The Islanders gave up 218 shots, but the opponent shooting percentage was a conference worst , NHL 29th 14.22% opp sht %)


Penalty Minutes

The Rangers were the most gentlemanly of teams this chunk, accruing only 51 PIM over the 8 games. Toronto, on the other hand, took 153 minutes in the box. The Islanders at 80 were fifth fewest.


Special Teams

This chart has both recipes for success and disaster.

Washington hit on 9/23 chances for a 39.13% PP. Pittsburgh was close behind (11/31 35.48%). The islanders, despite the falloff from last chunks' success, still managed to put up a 9th place showing (7/36 19.44%).

San Jose (1/34 2.94%), Winnipeg (1/21 4.76%) and Ottawa (2/29 6.90%) were at the bottom of the barrel.

On the kill, Boston was again the class of the league, killing off 26/27 96.3%. Philadelphia and Ottawa were 24/26 92.31%. The Rangers (21/23 91.30%) were the only other team over 90%.

The Islanders 21/28 75% was good for 27th in the league. New Jersey (24/32 75%) was 28th, Florida (17/24 70.83%) 29th, and San Jose (18/27 66.67%) was last.

STI is a combination of the power play and penalty kill percentages, factoring in shorthanded goals for and against.

Boston combined their #1 PK with the #10 PP to come out on top with 119.05%. Pittsburgh was second with 117.84% and Philadelphia third with 117.31%.

The Islanders were 23rd with 94.40%.

San Jose, with the #30 PP and #30 PK, was an abysmal 77.02%


Real Time Stats

As has been pointed out in other posts, most of these stats are meaningless out of context, and not usually accurate. This chart is sorted on faceoff %. 'Days' is the number of days the team covered in playing 8 games. Four teams had only 15 days to play their 8 games, while Boston took 24. That will all even out in the end, though 1382realtime_medium

I've copied the data for games 9-16 and chunk #2 up to my Google Spreadsheet, which is available tio anyone who clicks this link.

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