[Bits] In four seconds, a hummingbird will beat its wings 200 times

I feel this way, too. - Al Bello

Report: Islanders games to be clocked in nanoseconds to allow for even more infuriating last gasp losses.

Here are some more things that happen in one second. In the time it took the Islanders to blow that game, 6,000 chickens were killed. So, when you think about it... anyway, moving on.

Islanders stuff:


  • Last night's NHL scores. The Panthers have played the Red Wings and Maple Leafs since the HBO crew started filming those two teams for 24/7. Florida is 3-0 in those games.
  • And your Dangerous Hits of the Night(tm): Tom Wilson of the Caps leveled Philly's Brayden Schenn at warp speed and will probably be receiving a phone call from Brendan Shanahan. And Kyle Quincy hit Ryan Getzlaf into the boards from behind.
  • Friedman's 30 Thoughts. West not best for Winnipeg Jest Jets. [CBC]
  • Yale hockey player Mandi Schwartz will get her own Upper Deck trading card as this year's "Heroic Inspiration." [Puck Daddy]
  • Kevin Dineen goes from the Panthers to the Canadian Women's National team, and will coach the squad at Sochi. [Hockey Canada]
  • I wish I gave as much thought to anything as Canadians give their Olympic team roster. Today (again), Sportsnet examines goalies using numbers and stuff.
  • Speaking of goalies, why do teams give starters so much money? Answer: because going cheap is stupid. [Raw Charge]
  • Sidney Crosby is very strong on his skates thanks to a special training regimen that apparently doesn't work if someone glides past him gingerly him in a playoff game. [The Hockey News]
  • Dallas rookie Alex Chaisson is a player you should know. He's good. [Puck Daddy]
  • NHL Christmas fun: what if each team really did wear their ugliest sweaters this week? If you thought last night's game was painful, wait until you see the eyesore it could have been. [Hockey by Design]
  • Best thing you'll see (if you haven't already) is Down Goes Brown's Venn Diagram of Hockey Hate at Grantland. Brilliant.
  • Most disturbing thing you'll see (if you haven't already) is the SabresCatwalk for Charity Event at Die By the Blade. Horrifying. Cannot be unseen. Slap Shot joke's been done already in the comments, though.

Anybody get the name of the sniper that shot Mike Smith last night?


via @annfrazi

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