[Bits] Eyes Wide Shutout. The Password is "Fail-delio"

Quit it! You're gonna get us in trouble. - James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

Islanders out-of-sorts, Rick DiPietro on the road back and Claude Giroux on the way out (of the arena).

It's Friday. Try not to get hit by any stray Islanders shots today.

Islanders News:

  • Arthur Staple on the Islanders' out-of-sync offensive outage in Raleigh. [New$day]
  • The ties between the Islanders and Rick DiPietro run deep, and no buyout will sever them entirely. Rick tells Newsday that his focus is on winning again, including a Stanley Cup. [New$day]
  • The Islanders' team recap talks about missed shots and miniscule amounts of pressure. [Islanders]
  • Eric Hornick with all the stats and trivia from the Islanders first blanking of the season. [NYI Skinny]
  • AUDIO: Prior to the Hurricanes game, Staple was on the Dump and Chase podcast with the guys from Eyes on Isles and talked about a myriad of subjects including Tavares' temper, Andrew MacDonald's next contract, getting back to playoff form and the Islanders' struggling bottom six. Interview is about 45 minutes long and well worth a listen. [D&C]
  • It's Kyle Okposo versus Winnipeg's Bryan Little. For fantasy hockey purposes. Not like in Mortal Kombat. [Dobber]

Outside the Wall:

  • Last night's NHL scores. The Flyers are in full meltdown mode after a 3-0 loss to the Devils. Poor Claude Giroux is either gonna get run out of town or straight up kill a beat reporter in cold blood.
  • Before he was the maligned face of NHL Safety and spinner of the Wheel of Justice, Brendan Shanahan was an excellent player with a really interesting backstory. This Steve Simmons story covers it all before Shanahan is inducted into the Hall of Fame on Monday. [Toronto Sun]
  • Meanwhile, another bunch of ex-players argue about fighting in the NHL. [Yahoo!]
  • Remember the name Jonas Johansson. He's the 6 foot, 3 inch, fly fishin' Swedish goalie prospect everyone might be talking about this summer. [NHL.com]
  • Arctic Ice Hockey wants the Winnipeg Jets to follow the Blues' rebuild model. Characteristics include making a bighuge trade and hiring a stern, veteran coach that knows about defense. [AIH]
  • Lots of people are buying Tim Thomas Panthers jerseys. No one knows why. [Puck Daddy]
  • Seriously, what is Michel Therrian doing with PK Subban? The reigning Norris Trophy winner has barely seen the ice in the third period this year. [Backhand Shelf]
  • Down Goes Brown tries to find an answer for the awfulness of the Metropolitan Division. [Grantland]
  • Hey, if you're in Hartford next week, why don't you pick up a Whalers scratch-off lottery ticket? Chances are it'll end up working out better for you than it did for the team. [Puck Daddy]
  • This dude made a bitchin' chain mail Sharks jersey and Battle of California tracked him down to get the inside dope. [BoC]

Speaking of the Whalers and Brendan Shanahan and Islanders losses, here's Whalers-centric video from 1995. Final score: Hartford: A lot, New York Islanders: a little less than a lot.

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