Lighthouse Hockey T-Shirts Now Available!

Hooray for shirts!! - Christopher Pasatieri

Wear Lighthouse Hockey wherever you go.

Lighthouse Hockey, the foremost New York Islanders blog on SB Nation (Eastern Conference division), is proud to announce its first series of custom t-shirts. Designed with its loyal readers in mind, these shirts are available through SB Nation partner GameDay Depot at some pretty reasonable prices. (You can also click the "Store" link under the More tab above.)

Three styles are ready to go right now, with one more to come in this series. Expect more in the future.

Series 1:

"I'm Not Gonna Talk About the Goaltending."

One of Jack Capuano's favorite post-game phrases is rendered in eight languages, including Finnish, Czech, Latvian and Russian. The back has printed on it. Available in Royal Blue. Eloquent and Educational! Order Here.


"LHH Communist Dictatorship"

Long-time readers know Lighthouse Hockey for its in-depth analysis, quirky sense of humor and leanings towards the principles of Communism. This shirt pays tribute to one of the most enduring memes of the blog, showing the hammer and sickle with "LHH" underneath in glorious orange and dark blue. Blog address is printed on the back. Probably our most requested shirt design. Order Here.


"What's Your Battle Level?"

The Islanders' Battle Level is always a hot topic of conversation, whether they're winning or losing. Now you can look Smaht and Hahd and keep track of the Passengers around you with this shirt based on the accepted levels of battle. Available in either Royal Blue or Bad-ass Black. Order Here.

(Note: price may change once the first series is printed. So order soon to get the original price.)


And here's a close-up of the art:


Also available (and has been for a while) is a white shirt with the large Lighthouse Hockey logo printed on the front. Order Here.

Please enjoy this first series of LHH shirts. They couldn't have been conceived and brought to life without the passion and personalities of our readers. Special thanks to SB Nation and Gameday Depot for being generally and supremely awesome. Keep an eye on this space for new additions to the line.

In the meantime, let's ask Top American Fashion Designer Michael Kors what he thinks of the shirts...

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