Changes Coming to Lighthouse Hockey

A few weeks ago we tipped off readers to some forthcoming changes at Lighthouse Hockey. I can now report those changes are coming very soon -- and they should result in a better user experience thanks to faster site loading times and "responsive" design.

(On responsive design: Essentially, the site will react and adapt much better to whatever device you're viewing LHH on. We find more and more of you view the site on mobile devices -- no doubt on the train, the throne, or in a very important meeting about TPS reports -- so this should help improve that experience.)

The changes include the new logo of course, but the commenting functions and the ability for you to post FanShots and FanPosts will stay essentially the same. You'll also still be able to navigate and hop religiously to find new comments and keep these conversations going. All SB Nation sports sites will go through this, so chances are you'll see this on several of your favorite sites.

The biggest visual change is the "cover," which will be adaptable and allow us to feature more recent or breaking stories at the top of the site. No more scrolling down just to see a second story.

A few visual examples appear below.

A few variations of what the top of the home page (the "cover") will look like:




And here's a variation for a tablet:


I know these are just screenshots (and of other SB Nation sites at that), but it gives you a hint that a major aesthetic change is coming, but after poking around it should be easier to quickly navigate to your favorite content.

Also, as a curmudgeon who fears change to my habits, I know the changes will require an adjustment for some. But rest assured the development team wouldn't have busted its ass over the past year thinking through, designing and testing this new look if it didn't better meet the evolving needs of goofing off on the web reading about your favorite sports teams.

When it launches, have fun exploring. And know that as we contributors get used to these new tools, we'll only get better at presenting what you want in an engaging, immediately accessible format.

P.S. One more change: Longtime LHH member and former contributing author David Hanssen is rejoining the fold as a site author again. We're excited to have him back, so please welcome him. (And like I always tell new members: Once you join, you can never leave.)

<em>Submitted FanPosts do not necessarily reflect the views of this blog or SB Nation. If you're reading this statement, you pass the fine print legalese test. Four stars for you.</em>

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