Don't shoot, but what would you follow if the NHL goes lockout?

Moderator's Note: A question on many minds this weekend, it seems.

Just polling to see where everyone stands, put the revolvers and magnums back in their holster and don't whack me with that hockey stick Chris Simon-style. Well, you can shoot if that's a camera in your hand, what can I say:

If the NHL was locked out in October, what would you follow instead of the usual hockey/NHL/Islanders?

It could be nothing, it could be everything you obsessed lunatic you, or it could be a newly purchased pet goldfish named killer. I just was wondering what our islander community and some of the members here might do with their "free time," ironically titled since it's a lockout.

Would you be a fan of that freakishly giant bouncy orange sport where doofy uncoordinated giant humans can make millions?

Or how about that brown "ball" that you can throw, kick, or awkwardly fumble and where being 300lbs is a good thing?

Maybe you watch some other less popular sport, like hop skotch or speed checkers or high stakes battle ship? Sunk or be sunken at your own risk.

Maybe you like to cuddle up to a good book? I hear 50 Shades of Grey is I can't, not even if you paid me. It just sounds horrendous in every which way imaginable. Go read something else that won't shrink your brain or make you look like a weirdo. I hear Oprah has a book club.

Maybe you are just so endear to missing hockey, that watch figure skating just to see the ice again? That would make you all appreciate Carkner more..."At least he dances on ice the ice with his fists and not his feet" (apologies to hardcore skating enthusiasts). Or preferably, stream some college or junior hockey games on your computer to watch.

Or maybe you just want to catch on sleep? Hibernation can do the body wonders.........if you're a bear.

Or maybe you wanna work out more and get in better shape? Bowflex may have a new deal out or newer machine or maybe you're just the ab roller type or maybe you have a soft spot for jazzercise. Possibly and likely, walking is more your speed. It's cheap, easy, and can be done just about anywhere. Not to mention, once you start a walking program, it can take you places you've never been before.

Or maybe you will jump back on the TV programs wagon heavily? On that topic, I hear that person you saw at least 1000 times being shown at all the Kings' playoff games, Matthew Perry, will have a new show. More seriously for the likers of laughter club: impractical jokers, decent: sullivan and son, stonerish: workaholics, darker: tosh.o, and the usual South Park/Family Guy/American Dad/Simpsons for you cartoon lovers that can tolerate somewhat childish humor." (Cartoon Netowork/Comedy Central/TBS are usually good channels for this, cartoon network has it's beyond stoner shows though).

I don't follow the other stuff that closely(feel free to add) and have a broad spectrum of comedy liking, so forgive me if my sense of humor is greater then yours. It just means I'm better than....well generally happier than you is fair or the "politically correct" thing to say I guess. :-).

Either way, have at it and tell us what you'll do instead. Or not. No pressure. Clock is ticking......but it always ticks so there it nothing to worry about. Or do you??? Could be a hidden bomb in the clock......just saying.

<em>Submitted FanPosts do not necessarily reflect the views of this blog or SB Nation. If you're reading this statement, you pass the fine print legalese test. Four stars for you.</em>

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