are the Islanders better off with a cancelled season?

it's interesting to read CBA related posts... writers totally falling on one side or the other... imagining for the most part they're writing something new when it's really all the same issues, personalities and minor and major differences that's been written about before in every sport... isn't it?

reality is the owners are rich guys who know they can't control their own spending and need to force rules in there to stop themselves then they try to work around it... sort of like dom deluise in FATSO where the fridge is chained up...and then those other fat guys show up at the house and they at first try to stop dom from eating then they all go crazy and rip open the cabinets and eat everything in site... that's a really good movie.



owners in all sports are like this and why everyone pretends this is something new i don't get.

the players on the other hand are all rich as well and like most people want as big a piece of the pie as possible but over time have gotten pretty much as desperate, greedy, selfish as the owners...

nothing new. nothing different. both sides polished. slick. and really don't care about the fans.

so that brings us to the poor islanders... my question is... possibly totally unrelated to this preamble...

are the islanders better off for the season to be cancelled?



just a thought.

  • maybe just concentrate on where they are going to play in the future.
  • they are young so they can withstand the wait.
  • something good should happen if the season is dead... profit sharing... higher age for free agency... something good has to happen... right? well... maybe not... it is the islanders after all.
  • no season means no mid season swoon.
  • no late comeback to come up short as we desperately add the points at home to figure out our chances.
  • no insults from sportswriters... well... fewer insults from sportswriters.
  • no snarky comments on attendance.
  • no canadian press mourning the exile of tavares.
  • no bad ice and falling asbestos at the coliseum. did they get rid of the asbestos yet?
  • no injury to DP (at least on the ice and on camera)
  • no injury to Nabakov.
  • no goaltending controversy.
  • no rants against snow.
  • no snowed out games.
  • no rants against Wang.
  • does Wang lose less money? i think so.
  • no complaining about giveaways.
  • no islanders getting suspended for something a ranger did days earlier when there wasn't even a call by the refs.
  • no heartbreaking losses in the final minute.
  • no blowouts.
  • no calling into WFAN and ask why they aren't talking about hockey.
  • no pointless all star game.
  • no foxwoods commercials.
  • am i missing anything?

just peaceful bliss... like here in the middle of space... or is it better to suffer... like i did trapped on that planet... buried alive... buried alive?

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