2012-2013 expectations- Forwards

I am here to express my concerns with the forwards of the New York Islanders for the upcoming season. I'm sorry for everyone who is foolishly optimistic. I hope you have all learned to curb your expectations in a realistic sense by now. I apologize if this is too realistic (perhaps pessimistic, at times) for anyone. Please, prove me wrong.

JT91- gold Jerry, gold. (100-113-213 and he breaks Gretzky's record. all my friends envy me and my islander loyalties. John Tavares becomes a publicly traded company blowing the Facebook IPO out of the water. In doing so, a new arena is magically built by the joyful tears of islander hopefuls a la jack and the beanstalk.)

Moulson- i don't expect another 30 goal year. i say 20 goals, 25 assists, frustrations, and by midseason we call for him to be demoted to the 2nd line.

Boyes- see Moulson. (15-23-38)

Frans- i love frans. i think he does what he always does, nothing more, nothing less, and by the end of the day we all have the same amount of love for him. still, he belongs on the third line but we have to wait until strome matures to see that day. (17-40-57)

KO- i think he has a breakout year. plays some time on the top with JohnnyT and finally we have another player worth mentioning to other hockey fans. (30-25-55)

Grabs- i think his rookie year was a fluke, but i also think he went through a sophomore slump. I think 20-25 goals is his cap. (23-20-53)

Cizikas- love this guy. hustles, hits, underrated passer and will breakout on the PK (10-25-35)

Bailey- hear me out....time on the power play with KO and JT91 will display his talent. Being on a line with Ullstrom and Cizikas will spread the ice. i expect big things. (20-30-50) I'm a bailey believer. I'm a baileber.

Ullstrom- i love this guy. seriously, our third line (if i was Captain Jack) could do some serious damage this year if they are coached correctly and given enough ice time. Ullstrom has a shot and a half. (17-20-37)

Reasoner- ugh. (3-7-10)

Martin- fan favorite. should be on the PK more. love this guy (7-7-14)

Boulton- (3-1-4)

Joensuu- (2-0-2)

Pros: great years from okposo, bailey, ullstrom, and tavares

Cons: boyes and moulson stick out in the wrong way

meh- everyone else.

don't get me started on our defense. seriously. don't.

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