No NHL in 2012-13 - Time to Start a New League?

With the NHL playing mega hardball in negotiations apparently now as per today's widespread reports, the players would appear to be well suited to benefit from the start of a new Global hockey league (especially if the idea of flying around in old Aeroflot plans in the middle of winter in Mother Russia doesn't appeal)

And so what would such a league look like? More below

The players could find financial backers fairly easily (retired players, folks like Jim Balsillie assuming they have any money left, etc.) - and the players themselves could get partial ownership - so rather than split 47% of revenue, they could negotiate their own terms - perhaps more ownership, less salary

TV contracts would figure to follow quickly in an age where cable channels compete for content - a Global league would be a first, attracting Global merchandising revenue

This would also tap into the clear trends of disgust with elites/1% owning & ruining everything (good luck to Mitt Romney overcoming that stigma in November)

Where would teams be located?

Brooklyn for starters is obvious

KC is ready

Hamilton as well (to serve the GTA in general - call the team Greater Ontario - Don Cherry would love that)

Quebec perhaps

Chicago has arenas vacant

Seattle perhaps

Hartford perhaps

probably 8-10 North American teams for starters

and a European league as well - London, Paris, Prague, Stockholm, Frankfurt, Berlin or similar

and there could be a mid season KHL All Stars vs the World, US vs the World, Europe vs the World + call it the Global All Star Games

at minimum, this new, global WHA would give players leverage in negotiations - they wouldn't have to move a muscle - that's got to be worth a whole heck of a lot

don't cry for Bettman, James Dolan, the Ontario Teachers & friends - fight back

and oh yeah, too bad there will be no hockey in 2012-13, but hey that will give our prospects time to grow up and fill out

this is likely to get ugly one way or the other - the players need leverage & an outlet to play in in the meantime

and if that fails, how about Co-ed Non-full contact Lingerie Hockey?

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