The Perfect Scenario.... #wishful thinking

Wouldn't this just make sense????

3 signings and 1 draft pick could launch us to Stanley cup contenders.

1. Garth pitches this idea to suter and parise: hey Zach, come to Long island and sign long term and suter will want to sign also. Hey ryan, come to Long Island and sign long term and parise will want to come here too!!

both players are looking for money, a long term home for themselves and their families, and a team with Stanley Cup potential. We have all 3 to offer (hoping they want dont take a 40 year old building into consideration!!)! I think the family life is one of the best things we can offer as a franchise.. look at doug weight and nabakov who love it here becuase of the family life. These guys are looking for homes, and Long Island is one of the best places in the league for players entering their 30's to live!!! Maybe this idea, along with a lot of money, a strong youth core, and long term contracts could be the magic to sign these All-Stars...

Parise- 8 years/60 mil

Suter- 8 years/ 48 mil

2. Resign P.A.- Since its almost impossible for us to draw in top 6/top 4 free agents, why the hell should we let one go, who want to play here and beleives as much as anyone els, we can wing a cup(especially if suter and parise join)? Think of PA's production playing with Parise, and Parise's production playing with PA (even though if we did sign parise and suter it would make the concept of not drawing in free agents false)

PA still has 60 pt seasons to offer, and his vision and hands on the powerplay are undeniably elite. And more then anything, he seems like he really wants to play here... hes 29 and gettin years on his contract should be his priority and not just $$$$.

PA- 5 years/ 18 mil (front loaded contract???).....

3. Draft Ryan Murray. This kid is the real deal. If he falls to 4th, it can be concidered God sent. he has the most upside in not only his potential, but his immediate impact. His hockey sense is 2nd to none and can be our next hamonic which as isles fans, we believe is a comparison as good as any other young player in the leauge (including girardi and McDonagh) Also he has the 2nd hardest shot in the draft at 94 MPH, which for an 18yr old is unbelievable...... Draft Murray, and bring him in right away....

4. With Parise we finally have an NHL caliber 2nd line... Parise's experience, in my opinion, will be the only thing that can enable us to bring up Strome... Strome CANNOT play in the NHL if you put him in between grabs, KO, Bailey, or on a 4th line... If we do not have legit players to play with him, send him back!!!

Isles 12-13 Roster

Moulson (38g/35a) - JT(40g, 60a) - Grabner(30g, 30a)

Parise (38g/50a) - Strome(22g,35a) - P.A Parenteau(25g,40a)

Bailey (20g,35a) - frans nielsen(20g 35a) - KO(30g,35a)

Martin - Cizikas - Jonesuu/Hailey

(Nino and Crew in Bridgeport!!!!!! and top 3 RW are interchangeable)

Suter - Hamonic

McDonald - Streit

Donovan - Murray

(CDH and Ness in bridgeport still)



Think what would happen with JT if we had a 2nd line like this..... think of JT with playing time against other teams 2nd D pairing sometimes, and not against top NHL defenders all game every game. He will put up 100 points!!!! Think of how much having 2 legit PowerPlay lines would help our team, and everyones production, (including our defensmen which increases everyones confidence and has a domino effect on the whole team). We would have 3 potential PP quaterbacks in Streit, Suter and Murray, and virtually all of our defenseman would have offensive upside.

If we fielded this team, tell me Nabakov's hunger couldnt maybe, possibly, give us not only a chance at the playoffs, but a chance at the cup.....

We would lose absoultely no assets in the making of this team. we would benefit so much from all our prospects developing and the NYI would be back on the map.

thought comments, and other wishful and unlikely suggestions welcome!!!!!

(Do I think this is possible.... No? Parise and Suter in my opinion will end up staying where they are, or in Detroit)

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