How and Why the NYI should trade up for Nail Yakupov *Poll Inside*

Here I have listed a few reasons why the NYI should trade up in the draft to select Nail Yakupov.

1). A line of Moulson - Tavares - Yakupov would be one of the greatest scoring threats in the NHL for the 2012 season and beyond. Ultimately you could gaurantee 30g-30a from Moulson, 30g-50a from Tavares and atleast 20g-20a from Yakupov in his rookie season.

2). Yakupov would bring positive hype to a team in need of positive attention. It may not lead to UFA signings, but to have the media write a few positive articles on the team wouldn't do any harm.

3). We have a large prospect pool with some players able to take positions that were filled last year by old veterans (ex. Ullstrom). We have the ability to move some roster players and/or prospects to get the 1st overall pick and not sacrifice our future.

4). EDM is in a position much like NYI where they need a defenseman. I couldn't see them using the 1st overall pick on Murray, even though he is the player they probably need most. Plenty of analysts have Murray falling to the NYI at #4, but this could be EDM instead.

5). With most NYI fans being skeptical of PA Parenteau returning, leaving the NYI with 2 holes in the top-6, Yakupov would fill a large hole left by the departure of PA Parenteau.

6). Yakupov would be a long-time star winger to play with Tavares.

7). Yakupov has a strong personality and work ethic. He would help bring an identity to this team. As we know - Tavares is quiet and shy, Yakupov is quite the opposite (in a good way).

8). Yakupov could open the door for future NYI prospects from Russia and make them more comfortable (Kabanov, Petrov, FAs, etc). to obtain the 1st overall pick? The 4th overall pick would have to be included in this deal. Also, EDM is looking for defensemen - more towards NHL defensemen or those about the break into the league. There would most likely have to be a 3rd element to get EDM to send us the 1st overall pick.

Here are my two proposals:

1). NYI receive 1st overall pick -- EDM receive 4th overall pick, Calvin deHaan, and NYI 2012 2nd round pick.

This trade gives EDM essentially two NHL ready defense prospects (Murray at #4 and deHaan) and a high 2nd round draft pick.

2). NYI receive 1st overall pick -- EDM received 4th overall pick, Josh Bailey, and Aaron Ness

This trade gives EDM Murray, Bailey to fill out their 3rd line, either at center or wing, and Ness who will see some time in the NHL this season as a call up, and most likey 3rd pairing minutes in 2013. He will most likely solidfy his career around a #4 defenseman on a good team.

Please provide feedback or other trade scenarios in the comment section.

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