Early predictions for 2012/2013

Last year before the season started and very early during the seasons I made some pretty bleak predictions and the Islanders lived down to them all.

1st observation Sept 26, 2011 Just a thought on training Camp

It does not seem they have a plan for the 3rd and 4th lines. What should have been done with the 3rd and 4th liners was decide at the beginning of camp who was going to be on what lines and stick to it. Give them a chance to grow and learn each others strengths and weaknesses. Not only during the games but practices they are split into different groups at different times. It just shows they do not know how to handle those 2 lines and that scares me

2nd observation Octbober 2, 2011 Mordred's Preseason Scouting Report

Okposo still can't find the net.....Okposo needs this season to put it all together or needs to become a 3rd liner.

The Islanders have no Idea what they want to do. There is no cohesion on who is on what lines, what position, or what their role will be. This is not a good sign. Yes Reasoner and Rolston on paper were an upgrade...Gilles is still a waste. There would be no need for him if they would have left well enough alone. What we lost is toughnes. I am not talking goonish I am talking Toughness. The Islanders are a very soft team.

Jurcina is hurt again surprise, surprise.If he can not stay healthy he is not worth anything to the Islanders. Also Eaton and Mottau look worse than they did last season if that is possible. The Defense again is looking like it will be our weekest link on this team.....Reese is not NHL material but still looks better than Eaton and Mottau. The smallest defenseman in camp is Ness and he looks better than most. Not a very good sign.

it will be a very long season again. It might be entertaining because o the scoring but the Islanders are going to give up alot of goals and be a lottery team again.

October 21 After 5 game review

Since Nino is hurt and it is one of those nagging injuries I would rather send him back to the Juniors for 1 more season. PA is playing well and I would rather have him stay in the Juniors than having him play 3rd line duty time.

October 27 Time to juggle lines

If changes are not made - The 3rd and 4th line continue horrible play. The 1st line continues to dominate. 2nd line starts to come around but too late. The goalies keep us in games but we continue to play below .500 hockey. The defense is too old and little by little the Islanders give up more goals as the season progresses. By December we are not out of the playoff hunt but we are falling further away.

They need to make changes or it will become another bleak season.

Those were my thoughts before and early on in the season.

My predictions this season: More Dread from Mordred:

1. The Islanders get the 4th pick and take 1 of the defenseman. He will make the team out of training camp.

2. No major trades or FA acquisitions during the off season. A couple of minor moves like last season. We lose Parenteau to FA.

3. Dipi saga does not end and again says he will be ready and healthy for training camp.

4. The Islanders during camp are going to have to fill out the following spots:

A. 1st Line RW

B. What are the 2nd and 3rd Lines and how to distribute Neilsen, Okposo, Grabner and Bailey and who to add to round off those 2 lines.

C. Create a legit 4th line that can bring toughness to this team.

D. Fill 3 defensive spots on this team out of Donavan, DeHaan, Katic, Ness, and their 2012 draft pick.

All in all I see another Lottery Pick in 2013!

Where do you see the Islanders finishing?

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