More Dread From Mordred:

I am not sure in one of my posts earlier this season somebody made that quote and I liked it.

I said before the season started that if the makeup of the team did not change we were going to be in for another lottery pick season, well look at where the Islanders wound up, 27th. The moves that Snow made in the off season actually made this team take a step back. Let’s do a recap:

1. Signing Cappi without even looking at another coach. As I said this team needed a face to bring some legitimacy to the team. Cappi is maybe a D+ coach and that is pushing it. On countless post game interviews he talked about passengers on this team. Well the coach’s biggest duty is to make sure the team is ready to play and motivate them. Also does he understand the concept on when to pull a goalie or when to take a timely time out? Also how many seasons now after 4 games in do we go for a month and a half to a 2 month slump? Maybe our conditioning and during the off season and our training camps need to change. Again that is his responsibility is, yes he was not there the 2 seasons before that but he was still working with Gordon during that time and as everyone can see nothing changed.

2. The Dipi saga has been going on 4 full seasons and in that time he has played 47 games. Because of him we have to carry 3 goalies on the roster when he can actually play, so we lose a roster spot when he playing. During those 47 games he GAA is 3.05 and his S% is .887.

3. The useless old men Reasoner, Rolston, Pandolfo, Staios, Eaton, and Mottau brought absolutely nothing to this team in fact they were the biggest hindrance. Snow and Cappi did not know what to do with the 3rd and 4th lines I said that in the pre season. They thought if they just throw some players together it might stick. Well guess what it did not. The same thing with the defense.

4. They wasted a year of development for Nino, after he got hurt in training camp and he lost his spot on the 1st line to Parenteau that should have sent him back to Juniors not put him on a line with the useless parade and only get 6-8 minutes a game. This team has no clue how to develop talent.

5. This season again was a waste for Bailey we have no clue what he is. I said if the Islanders were not going to do anything with the kid they needed to trade him well guess what Snow did neither so next year again we go into the season with the big Josh Bailey question? Where to play and which line.

6. Do to the fact that we kept the old men on the team we released Comeau, kept Reese, Haley, and Wishart in BP, and had no toughness on this team whatsoever.

Not a very good year in any way shape or form. The only good thing that happened was JT is really turning into something special. Each year he keeps improving and I can’t wait to see him next season. But until he gets somebody with his skill set to play with him on the RW he will always be held back.

Now let us look into Mordred’s crystal ball for this off season and next:

1. The Islanders get the 4th pick and take 1 of the defenseman. He will make the team out of training camp.

2. No major trades or FA acquisitions during the off season. A couple of minor moves like last season. We lose Parenteau to FA.

3. Dipi saga does not end and again says he will be ready and healthy for training camp.

4. The Islanders during camp are going to have to fill out the following spots:

A. 1st Line RW

B. What are the 2nd and 3rd Lines and how to distribute Neilsen, Okposo, Grabner and Bailey and who to add to round off those 2 lines.

C. Create a legit 4th line that can bring toughness to this team.

D. Fill 3 defensive spots on this team out of Donavan, DeHaan, Katic, Ness, and their 2012 draft pick.

All in all I see another Lottery Pick in 2013!

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