How to fix the Islanders

If Wang and Snow put their money where the mouth is 2012/2013 could be the year for the rebuilding to end, not only make the playoffs but be a contender, and still not reach the salary cap. All it would take is 6 different moves.

1. DiPi - Contract must be bought out or force him to retire and put him either in the booth or the front office. This must be done to finally end this perpetual Soap Opera that is hanging over the teams head.

2. Montoya - Sign him to a 1 year deal, he would be a good backup to Nabokov. He played well until he got hurt.

These 2 moves would settle our goaltending issue. It would give Poulin and Nilsson an extra year to prepare and play real minutes in the AHL and if 1 of them proves he is ready you can always trade Montoya at the deadline and move 1 to be Nabokov's backup.

3 and 4. Zach Parise & Ryan Suter - Give them each 3 years at $10 million a year with a PLAYER OPTION after the 1st year. They would get his pay day but if they do not like playing on the Island or the team still is horrible they can get out after the season is over. If they stay for the 3 years they will get another big payday because they will still be in their prime.

5. Michael Haley - Resign him

6. Dylan Reesee - Resign him

This is all pie in the sky and would never happen but look at the team if it did:







any 2 of the following: Reese, Katic, Donavan, Ness, and DeHaan


That is a playoff team that can win a round or 2. If it does not work I do not see Suter or Parise staying and would probably opt out of their contracts. If they are not in contention at the trade deadline we have Parise, Suter, and Nabakov we could trade and get some good draft picks for as rentals to playoff teams.

These moves would bring the fans back to the NC at the beginning of the season. If they start winning by playing up to their potential the fans will start selling out the old barn again. This could give the team momentum to get a new Arena. If it doesn't work and the team does not gel like it should they will get high picks for the trades and not lose anything and the slow steady rebuild could still go on.


The above will not happen in a million years but we can dream can't we.

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