Why Are We LHH Addicts?

I'll admit upfront that its a sex substitute for me. Others will contend that its an excuse for putting off taking out the garbage,- your own personal admissions can be shared with everyone else in your comments below.- everything will be kept confidential.

Lets get serious.............PLEASE

1. THE TECHIES: showing off their prowess for statistics including every detail of a player's deveopment along with their ice time at Red Deer Junior High School with special emphasis on the number of bathroom breaks during PKs per season in leap years. 2. RECORD SEEKERS: the first person to hit 20000 comments during the summer break. [the rest of us will settle for beach time.]

3. SADISTS: who imagine Pheneuf boarding and injurying our Mothers Inlaw and going unpenalized for that dasdardly act.

4. BRAGGERS: who get paid for their time in front of a computer while they post solutions for the team's problems and the rest of us are out looking for work.

5. COACHES and MANAGERS: that includes all of us who given the chance could coach the team to the Cup this season! there's still plenty of time.[without being paid!]

6. FINANCIAL GUYS: they can't balance our checkbooks but they know how to raise $400M for a new NVMC

7. GAME CHANGERS: If we just make the goal 5' wider and the playing surface 50' shorter than we will be able to score more goals and increase capacity and attendance.

8. PUBLICISTS: Lets get another third jersey,- better yet play without any shirt after all remember way back when kids played, it was the shirts against the skins.

9. PSYCHOLOGISTS: If the team could stop fixating on the Ice Girls, maybe the Isles could concentrate and win some games.

10. THE PHILOSOPHERS: Win, Lose, Bettman points it really doesn't matter, so grow up and concntrate on the World Marble Finals.

11. DOCTORS: This or that injury is or is not serious - listen, the way some of these guys skate, they might do better on only one leg.

12. NVMC ATTENDEES: There is usually more action and near misses in the parking lot than inside on ice- [not counting the Men's room.

13. FAN POSTERS: Mostly fair attempts, in this case pathetic.

14. OUR LEADER: If you haven't taken me down yet, but you may be tempted when you hear from the suits at SB.

Well if the rest of you are still here I'm open to insults.....

<em>Submitted FanPosts do not necessarily reflect the views of this blog or SB Nation. If you're reading this statement, you pass the fine print legalese test. Four stars for you.</em>

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