Zach Parise...the perfect Islander?

For about 3 years now, I have had this gut instinct that Zach Parise would inevitably be an Islander one day.. Unfortunately, for about 3 years now I've also had this gut instinct the islanders would prove the NHL wrong and somehow reach that 8th seed... So in my youth, I've learned to no trust my gut too much when it comes to the islanders but I really do believe that Parise, who would obviously the perfect acquisition for any team, would be the perfect acquisition for the islanders, and THE SECOND SAVIOUR OF THE ISLANDERS FRANCHISE.

(On a quick note, I do believe a new coach and a top 2 defenseman like Suter or Weber (obviously) should be the islanders priority this summer, but something about ZP just sounds too right!! )

This offseason, amost every single GM in the NHL will be inquiring about the services of Zach Parise... For the sake of our franchise, Garth Snow better be doing the same.. Since we started our rebuild, the man thing Garth Snow has been addressing is "character". We have drafted based on personality and (the blatently oversused cliche by Butch Goring) "hockey sense," since our seemingly never-ending rebuild started. In my opionion and the opionion of every creditable hockey analyst in the NHL, Zach Parise couldn't exemplify these characteristics any more. He is the captain of his team (who in my opionion, will definitly make it out of the first round this year) a former 40 goal scorer, and an American born leader who has spoken out about his priority being a Cup, not a fat pay check.

Now of course we can talk about his stats and ability to score 40 goals, goals in high pressure situations, and impressive Power Play scoring ability, but if Garth Snow abides by his core competencies, Parise's character and hockey sense would seemingly put him number one on Garth Snow's characteristtic needs, and one of Garth's highest priorities this offseason. Tavares(Center) and Parise(Winger) could be the similar one-two punch Kane(Winger) and Toews(Center), and Malkin(Center) and Crosby (Center) offered to their respective Stanley Cup winning teams. Now i'm not saying the first year they would provide this, but over time, with a youth core that will eventually provide the much needed secondary scoring, the Isles would definitly make the playoffs next year and have an Eastern Conferance Final in their sights within 3-4 years (pending we also get the defenseman we clearly need).

Parise's character and leadership is as classy as they come. His hockey sense is unbelievable. He is a born winner like JT, and would alleviate so much of the pressure from JT. I really think ZP has had to have been on Snow's wish list since becomming GM becuase he is a scorer, but morely because of his character. I believe that he has been waiting for him to be a UFA since the rebuild started and that he will be willing to overpay him if need be. Again, I strongly believe he is the perfect pick up this year and at such a discount, (a high draft pick for his contract rights), it would be soooo foolish to let him walk. (Especially if god forbid the Rangers lure him in).

Hockey sense and character are what Snow has claimed to be building this team upon. For example, Garth valued Bailey's character and hockey sense so highly, that he he traded our 5th overall pick for a 9th overall pick(in 2 seperate transaction), allowing the likes of Luke Shenn and Nikita Filatov slip to Toronto and Columbus respectively. If these truely are the characteristics Snow is looking for, then how can he not make sure he is an Islander next year?? OH YEAH, AND HIS FATHER WAS PART OF THE ISLANDERS JOURNEY TO A DYNASTY, (although never winning a cup), AND MAYBE WE CAN SELL THAT HE SHOULD FINISH WHAT HIS FATHER STARTED??

The questions to be answered are as follows (without the obvious where the hell will the islanders be in 3 years):

How much will Garth Snow be willing to overpay ZP if need be? How good are Garth Snow's abilities to persuade ZP into coming to the Islanders? Does ZP believe in John Tavares' skills enough to win a Stanley Cup together?

Cant wait to see what everyone thinks!!! Comment away and lets stay positive with the boys this year!!!

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