PAP anti-petition to resign him

This FanPost is my opinion on Parenteau with a few facts to back it up. There was a post a couple weeks ago about how much the Islanders should offer PAP but instead of putting nothing and getting controversy over a comment I thought I'd explain where I'm coming from and let you say what you want in comments.

Below are reasons why I feel the Islanders should let PAP walk come July 1st:

Parenteau takes bad penalties! Leads the team with 27 minor penalties, too many have been (could not find the exact amount but I remember at least 5) while the team was on the powerplay which makes them even worse. Call it my bias against him for some of this stuff but I find he is a bit of a whiner, always complaining to the refs and lays on the ice a lot instead of getting up and getting back into the play. This leads to some of his embellishment calls which he also does more than I like and more than any other Islander.

Parenteau is bad defensively when the Islanders have lost this year he is a combined minus 26 in those loses. This is the worst forward rating on the team and no matter what you say this points to the fact that when he is bad it hurts the team. He also ranks second on the team in giveaways and 31st in the NHL and I feel could be more but I think the statistician must not count his endless brainless no look passes across the middle on the rush that are fumbled and lost or just plainly intercepted. This play of his kills me and he does it all the time.

Parenteau points are from who he plays with mostly JT91. In the 30 games he played on a line without Tavares Parenteau mustered 30 points however, 12 points were on the PP with JT or in overtime with JT or on an empty net. Also worth noting 20 of PAP's assists so far this year are second assists. I think if you put almost anyone else on that line they will produce similar results. Kyle Okposo who is having a tough year to say the least looked like a new man playing on that line so is it really Parenteau or is the effect John Tavares has on his linemates. It's JT common is Moulson a 30 goal scorer without JT-no.

Parenteau wants too much money! Rumors or not I believe with the signings we have seen such as Ales Hemsky 2 years at 10 million and Ruutu 4 years at 19 million Parenteau wants 4 years at 20 million. This is way too much considering he is 28 and in his prime now not likely he is worth 5 million 4 years from now and not likely he will have 4 straight 70 point seasons. Why, you ask? Well first off I would be with the rest of you to sign him if his points were mostly goals he only has 15 goals. A 20 goal scorer is not worth 5 million a year, sorry Ruutu, but at least he brings more to the table than Parenteau such as size and grit something the Islanders lack. Assists can be misleading in Parenteau's case it is not completely but get real JT is barely making more than 5 million a year. He is not in the same class as Tavares.

Snow should have traded him for what he was offered instead chances are he will likely sign in Montreal (home province) who are in dire need of a top six forward after their awful season. Parenteau's agent Allan Walsh who has been vocal this year seems to be pushing him to hear the cash register go ca-ching. Meaning at least hear the offers other teams are going present, so as we seen with Jason Blake other teams may pay a lot for him and then he may never repeat without the same surroundings. Or even worse Snow will cave in and pay him what he wants hand cuffing this team to bring in much needed UFA's such as a top 4 D-man or fingers crossed for a power forward (Travis Moen, Eric Nystrom type players). I feel Islanders need to get bigger and stronger and need some real D-men no more Staois, Eaton, Mottau, Jurcina type D-men PLEASE!

Parenteau's can be replaced from within just look at how Josh Bailey plays that wing now or even David Ullstrum, Kyle Okposo, free agency is another option for Snow and may be cheaper than overpaying and taking this huge risk. Contract length: too long and way too much.

I could live with Snow offering PAP 2 years 9 million 5 next year and 4 the following. Anything more is too risky taking into consideration the raises coming with Tavares, Hamonic hopefully, and so on. Plus let's not forget Wang does not allow Snow to spend the whole cap amount he has his own cap and it's called the floor.

My conclusion simple let him walk the risk is not worth the possible reward. I'd rather watch Toronto or Montreal over pay him and not produce then bounce around like Jason Blake.

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