LHH Fantasy Hockey Season 1; End of regular season

So as many of you may know, many fantasy hockey regular seasons ended this past week. It was an entertaining league and I'd love to do it again with all of you, and hopefully it can be a keeper league that we can do for years to come. I'm writing this post just for fun and to show how we did this season. So let's take a look into the teams we had this season.



2. Arbour's Bench

4. Man Games Lost

6. Streit No Chaser

7. Wahoos ( Me :( )

9. Greyhounds

14. Bettman Felons

15. kcNYI

16. LeMoyne Dolphins


1. Heals & Flats

3. The Mighty Pigs

5. The Broiled Penguins

8. Ozzyfan

10. Willets Pt Islanders

11. Bjorn to be wild

12. Osgood as it gets

13. Blue Ribbon Bruisers

Only the top-6 made the playoffs which, to be honest, I didn't like (for obvious reasons) but oh well.

Let's go into detail and look at key players for the top-8 teams:

1. HEALS AND FLATS: The number one overall team in the league was led by steller goaltending from Quick, Smith and Elliott. This team also features Stamkos, Hartnell, Nash, Ryder, Ray Whitney, Jiri Hudler and Pk Subban.

2. ARBOUR'S BENCH: The second overall team was lead more by scoring and again, solid goaltending. The team features starters Bryzgalov, Niemi and Rask in net. Up front are Krejci, Marian Hossa, Iginla, Doan, Selanne, Fleischmann, Lupul and a slid D-core with Bieksa, Orpik and Chara.

3. THE MIGHTY PIGS: This team received solid goaltending from Tim Thomas all season. Also, featured scorers are Elias, Lucic, O'Reilly, Couture, Benn, Ovechkin and Kunitz. Also a solid d-core led by Phaneuf, Hamhuis and Leddy.

4. MAN GAMES LOST: Again, goaltending is becoming a theme. THis team is featured by Lehtonen (who started off hotter than ever), Nabby and Theodore in net. Up front, the scorers are Thorton, Kovalchuk, Franzen, Brad Richards and Purcell. Also a solid D-core of Girardi, Kuba and Enstrom.

5. THE BROILED PENGUINS: Led by starting goaltender Jimmy Howard, this team also had good offensive numbers. Led by James Neal, Oshie, Desharnais, Vrbata, Bobby Ryan and Joe Pavelski. The Broiled Penguins had one of the best d-cores of the league consisting of Shea Weber, Ryan Suter, Keith Yandle, Brian Campbell and John Carlson (wow how about those 5).

6. STREIT NO CHASER: More solid goaltending led by Pekka Rinne and Cam Ward along with Bobrovsky as back-up. Decent scoring up front with Patrice Bergeron, Marchand, Simmonds, Landeskog, Patrick Sharp and Mike Richards. Solid D-core with Hamonic, Pietrangelo and Kaberle.

7. WAHOOS: My team which disappointed me. Needed better D-men and Goalies. I had MA Fleury, Reimer and Clemmensen which stunk. My scoring was good though, led by Backstrom (until damn Rene Bourque ended his season), Henrik Sedin, Plekanec, Filppula, Pacioretty, Wheeler, Briere and Mike Fisher. Okay D-men with Duncan Keith, Shattenkirk, Cam Fowler and Liles.

8. OZZYFAN: Solid goaltending for ozzy with Luongo and Price. A forward core led by Grabovski, J. Staal, Marleau, Stepan, Clowe, Hall. D-men were Edler, Burns, Lidstrom, Carle and Kronwall.

TRADES: Many of the top-8 teams were involved in 3 trades that happened over the season.

The first was between Ozzyfan and Streit No Chaser.

Ozzyfan traded away Bergeron and Marchand for Clowe. I have to say this trade goes to Streit No Chaser even though it occurred early in the season in September.

The second trade of the year was between me (Wahoos) and Man Games Lost and went through on halloween.

I traded away Horton, Kovalchuk, Niskanen and Kulemin for Backstrom, Liles and Pacioretty. I like to say that I won this trade because Horton has been injured and Kulemin and Niskanen weren't really much of a factor but unfortunately Backstrom was concussed and has missed a lot of games. I like what I got from Pacioretty but unfortunately Kovalchuk has been good (after his bad start) and helped Man games lost into the playoffs.

The last trade was between Arbour's Bench and Streit No Chaser.

Arbour's Bench traded away Kaberle and Cam Ward for Bryzgalov. I'll give this one to Streit again because he gets points from a D-man and Ward has been pretty much equal to Ilya this season. This trade occurred on December 22nd.

So, to sum it all up, let's do it again and tell me what you think!

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