Does winning really mean much right now?

In no way am I advocating tanking, deliberate losing or hoping for losing, I just want to seriously ask this question and see what people's opinions are here.

Personally, we have an extremely limited chance for the playoffs and are tied for the 4th worst overall record/pts in the NHL. I haven't looked at the percentages, but it's realistically has to be around a 1 in a 100 shot right now at the best. So in all honesty. any talk of the islanders and playoffs this year isn't gonna happen from anything short of a "humongous big" miracle.

This leads me to.........gaining pts in the standings mean nothing for the rest of the islanders "team" this season. The 1st goal for all teams in the season is to make the playoffs, aka step 1, now that it's a miracle away, gaining pts from now on just means the difference from this team finishing, say for example 15th in the East and 11th/12th in the East. Leading to what? The usually overrated "finishing strong" as indicated by our very poor start this season or how low in the standing we finish.

So essentially, finishing the season means nothing more than "how far we finish out of the playoffs or how high of a draft pick we get or whatever other way you want to spin the situation".

Obviously, from a "player" standpoint it's obviously a little different. I'm sure no player likes losing, but losing and finishing "realistically" 12th in the East and 14th in the East doesn't make a big difference to management, especially in a "tight" eastern basement, as it looks.

You can spin this all whichever way you like, not that I agree with all of these, they are just "things we could say":

Finishing lower in the standings as a "positive":

-Getting a higher/better prospect/draft pick for the rebuild

-Tanking is "ok" because we weren't making the playoffs anyway

-Finishing in the top 3/top 4 draft picks of the draft secures us a now projected "elite" forward/D talent (Nail/Grigorenko/Murray/Dumba)

-Maybe this is a SOS to Garth that we need more outside help and he retools the team better in the offseason

Finishing higher in the standings as a "positive":

-We have took the "next" step in the rebuild as we are progressing in the end of the year standings

-This "strong finish"/"winning" should carry over into next year

-This could say to garth "find the missing piece" this offseason to put us "over the top" into a repeat playoff team

Honestly though, I see the big picture and none of this "really" matters unless A B and C occur from this or A B and C occur from that.

Ex 1: Isles finish on a 10-5 run. Makes no difference to me unless it means they carry it over and start a hot win streak, and even then, that means nothing unless they make the playoffs next season.

Ex:2 Isles finish 3rd worst in NHL and lose the lottery, they take "Grigorenko" for example as an elite forward o-talent, he needs to make a real NHL impact for that "losing" to really make a difference and not become a bust. Maturing like Bailey and doing nothing but "underperforming"(for whatever reason, let's keep that debate out of this) for your 1st 4 years in the NHL would just piss a lot of people off and call for your head, and lead to that pick or "bust" becoming worthless or near worthless if you become a medicore 3rd liner, for example.

As you see I have proof/believe that finishing the season "higher or lower" in the standings at the end of the year, once you've been eliminated from the playoffs from a realistic/miracle-necessary perspective, means absolutely nothing unless that "lower or higher finish leads to multiple domino effects that positively effect the franchise ongoing.

Thus we should focus on "personal"/"player" goals/maturations/finishes/etc. Finding out if/when we our AHL "gems" could be useful NHLers(Cizikas/Ullstrom/Rakh/Donovan/Ness/DeHaan/etc), seeing our younger players mature, hopefully seeing our "lost"/"struggling" players find themselves, etc. The standings mean nothing without a domino effect from their occurrence, thus we should focus on "players" themselves getting better/proving themselves and take the outcomes of games as a 2ndary thing. Losing and winning both have their benefits, but for either to mean anything multiple "positive" domino effect things must occur from them. Thus imo, winning or losing ultimately means very little from now till the end of the season for a team in our position.

Opinions and comments?

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