Our Islesmas Wishlists

Our poor Islesmas tree - Scott Barbour

What do the authors at LHH want to see under their tree?

Merry Christmas to all our readers. To me this is a day that will always be remembered for waking up and running to check what was under the tree. I miss the unadulterated joy of opening gifts and hoping I had got everything I wanted. So I asked the guys what they would want to find under their Islesmas tree.

The Islesmas tree is all decorated and ready to go. A Dennis Potvin tree topper, among the ornaments are Torrey's bowtie, Arbour's glasses, mini jersey's of the hall of famers and even a Swiss John Tavares uniform. Underneath is the Michael Grabner train racing around in circles but struggling to drop off passengers and the Rick Dipietro ornament with a broken hook. Nearby there is the Trevor Gillies ornament staring angrily at the tree.

So let's take a look at those wishlists. Dom gets to go first:

A Frans Nielsen who hasn't lost a step.
A John Tavares who is still invested in the franchise despite the demoralizing lockout.
One prospect to really kick ass, if there's a season.

Chris McNally is next on Santa Cairn's lap:

A finishing move for Michael Grabner.
A press conference line for Jack Capuano that doesn't involve passengers or dirty areas.
Rick DiPietro's signed and completed retirement papers.
A 2 'serious injury' limit for the team.
A 2012-2013 NHL Season.
And as a stocking stuffer, a clue for Blake Comeau.

PGI's list was actually on the back of a shopping list, originally Santa Cairn's elf (Krill Kabanov) thought he wanted the return of the fishstick's jersey:

For the team to get some respect. It doesn't matter if it's from a single game, making the playoffs or winning a playoff series, anything that stops the team from being considered an easy 2 points.
As stocking stuffers: Good Health, custom copies of NHL13 with JT on the cover, new clothes for the suddenly svelte Capuano and a couple of bucks.

And finally, my wishlist for Islesmas:

A 2nd line that actually takes pressure off of JT's line.
An appearance in the playoffs.
The Brad Boyes experiment to work out.

So what would you want to see under the Islesmas tree for you?

I also would like to take this time to thank all our readers. It's always a joy to look at the comment section and not just the humorous comments, but the in depth discussions we have back and forth. Without you, this blog would hardly be what it is today. I wish for you and your families all the best on this holiday.

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