Islanders Bits: In which fans would like something to happen

In my real job I have to do end-of-the-month reporting, one of those administrative tasks that annoys you so you put it off and then suddenly it's here again and another month has flown by faster than Michael Grabner getting his morning paper*.

*It does not escape me that soon most players won't know what a "morning paper" is. To borrow from Matthew McConaughey's character in "Dazed and Confused" (NSFW, language) about high school girls: "That's what I love about NHL players. I get older, they stay the saaame age."

August, however, did not fly by. August makes me happy to see its end. August was the cruelest slowest month in hockey news. It's not over yet, but it's fading and I finally see training camp 'round the bend. Here are some actual Islanders hockey links. We'll have a new topic to chew on later today.

Islanders Links

Trading off Chris Botta's post from earlier in the week, THN's rumor roundup leads with the Islanders, speculating about attempts to acquire another defenseman. Nothing new there though. And as always, the chase is limited by what prey are available. Shaone Morrisonn is not a name I can spell nor think would help. Mike Komisarek neither. I don't expect anything here, but then again no one expected the Spanish Inquisition nor James Wisniewski.

Botta also went to four scouts for pr*j*ct*ns on the Islanders forwards this year. Reasonable estimates, I reckon. Though I'm not at all surprised to see them say the Islanders forwards are in the top half of the East -- they were such last year, too. It's the defense and goaltending that ... okay we've been over that.

Newsday's Katie Strang checks back in to share agent-approved progress on Josh Bailey's deal (it will get done) and Ryan Strome talking about his plans and not worried about his pending contract. [FanShot discussion here.] I suppose it's history lesson time, if any are worried: Josh Bailey didn't sign his ELC until training camp. Neither did Nino Niederreiter until Sept. 22 last year.

Do you have talent? Then you too could be a national anthem singer for the Islanders. [FanShot discussion here.]

How the [English bank of some sort] Center arena in Brooklyn is shaping up these days. Not that it's relevant or anything.


Hockey Links

The same THN rumor roundup linked above discusses Jarkko Ruutu, who insists at age 36 he has NHL "offers" but none to his liking. Don't know who's looking for an aging non-scorer who plays like, well, a weasel. I was really disappointed and ticked at Chris Simon when he stomped Ruutu because Simon was already on double-secret probation but, to steal from Chris Rock: I understand.

There was even news yesterday! Calgary trades Daymond Langkow to Phoenix for Lee Stempniak. Smells a lot like contract dump on Calgary's part, but Puck Daddy explores why. Hayley at Matchsticks and Gasoline gives Langkow the lyrical treatment.

A way to help a hockey Tweeter whose house was not spared by Irene.

Old but fun: The level of traitordom by various ex-Capitals. I'm trying to think which current players I view as traitors to the cause, and I'm drawing a blank. Who was the last compelling Isles free agent the Islanders tried hard to keep but flew away?

Fun measure from Raw Charge: If shorthanded goals allowed were factored into powerplay rankings. Part of me almost thinks they should count twice, for the double-whammy "are you KIDDING me?" effect.

Not really related, but aww hell why not: The best part about cricket news other than me not understanding the terminology whatsoever, is that sometimes a Google search for a hockey player turns up a cricket player instead. Thus you get:

Patterson was next man out when he was caught by Mark Parrish off the bowling of Nick Gaynor and more wickets were taken by Matthew Ellinor ... Mark Parrish and Terry Dunn got the team up and running, but frustratingly they were dismissed for 15 and 14 respectively.

I have no idea what any of that means, but one thing I love about this site is that I know some of you do and will be happy to teach me. My hope this season is to do at least one game recap in cricket style. "Michael Grabner got the team up and running, but frustratingly Frans was dismissed for 10 and the Isles were pipped. The contest resumes on the morrow, with Al Montoya bowling."

...after which I will return to soccer-style, "Blake Comeau looked to be out for a Sunday stroll as the whole squad simply lacked belief."

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