LHH Mock Draft: the Vancouver Canucks pick at 30! Wait....What? 29?

Editor's Note: Our LHH Mock Draft is winding down. With the wounds still fresh from the Cup final, Nick pours salt while picking for the team from the land where they've never heard of Matt "Coulson"...

The Vancouver Canucks have a few interesting prospects on the board with the 29th pick...

Hey everyone, I'm Nick Giglia from Let There Be Light(house), if you didn't already know, and without further ado, here's the Canucks at 29:

(A large contingent of men walks to the podium for the Canucks - one of them seems to be dragging off another one and taking random swings.  GM Nick Giglia to the podium.....)

"The Stanley Cup Champions Runners-up, the Vancouver Canucks, would like to thank the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul for their kind hospitality these past few days.  We would also like to wish our friend Mason Raymond a speedy recovery, and to express our gratitude that Massachusetts General Hospital did not magically run out of doctors and nurses the second he arrived....

....We would also like to congratulate the Stanley Cup Champions, the Boston Bruins, who proved that pretend grit can be masked by a goaltender who is a total bad-ass.  Speaking of which (pointing to a side of the stage) can somebody PLEASE tell Brad Marchand that the series ended over a week ago and he can stop punching Daniel Sedin in the face?  Thank you.....

....Making our selection will be our top-line Left Wing, Alex Burrows."

(GM Giglia taps Burrows on the shoulder, and Burrows immediately screams in pain, clutching his shoulder, and falls to the floor of the stage.  No referees in attendance put their arms up.  Giglia, flustered, continues....)

"Um, OK....I guess I need to make the pick.  Lu, can you hand me that draft sheet please?"

(The GM turns to find Roberto Luongo choking on what appears to be the draft sheet)

"Oh for the love of.....does anyone know the Heimlich?!"

(One of the scouts on the podium quickly gives the Heimlich to Luongo....the draft sheet pops out, and the GM looks closely before making his selection)

"Without further ado....the Vancouver Canucks are proud to select....from Farjestad of the Swedish Elite League, defenseman Jonas Brodin!"



Jonas Brodin Vitals:

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 165 lbs

Born: 7/12/93


NHL Central Scouting: 3 (European Skaters)

ISS: 20


From ISS:

Perhaps one of the best skaters in the entire draft, Brodin is a very intelligent and poised defender who does his job effectively but has showcased the potential for so much more.  He is a coach's dream and can and will eat major minutes at the next level in every situation.  His ability to deny space is incredible and all the more impressive is that he does it with little to no physical play whatsoever. He is excellent at retrieving pucks and using his skating ability to create room and calm the play down or to execute quick counterattacks and transitional rushes.  His offensive skill has really yet to come out but it is obvious that there is an abundance of potential.

The Canucks had a few interesting options with this pick, including hulking d-men David Musil and Scott Mayfield, and J.T. Miller, a heart and soul type from the US National Development Program, but they feel that Brodin is too good to pass up on the board at 29.  

Some scouting departments have Brodin ranked ahead of Joel Armia, and for good reason.  Brodin's best asset is his skating, which he used to hold his own against men in the Swedish Elite League, even though he will not turn 18 until after the coming draft.

There are some question marks about Brodin, including his slight build and a lack of physical play, but his skating and intelligence are too compelling for the Canucks at this point, and they have enough organizational depth to let him develop at his own pace.

Thoughts on the pick are welcome.

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