Contact Your Nassau County Legislators! (All of them!)

The Nassau County Legislature will be voting this Tuesday, March 31 on whether to hold the referendum on Aug. 1.  It is imperative that we members of Islanders country show them that we care! 

I've compiled a little research on Democratic legislator's positions (and those who might need some convincing).  I'm focusing on the D's, because they have expressed the most reservations so far.  The Islanders have provided a little help here with contact information for each of the legislators.  Give them a call on Friday!

The vote for a referendum requires a majority of the 19-member Legislature (11 Rs, 8 Ds).  I would imagine the Republicans would support Mangano, but there are no guarantees.  If the referendum passes, they'll need 13 votes in support.  That means we'll absolutely need some Democrats.  But don't forget the Republicans, please call them too!

Since Monday is a holiday, make your calls tomorrow!  And now for the breakdown...

Here's what the legislators' offices had to say on their planned votes:

Dave Denenberg (D) - he's going to vote for the referendum to be held, and will vote for the arena if the people support it.  YES!

Kevan Abrahams (D) - he supports the Isles staying on the island, but has some issues with the timing of the referendum and whether it's the best deal for long island.

Robert Troiano (D) - Said they had a community meeting where they asked the 50 people in attendance, "based on what you know, would you vote for the referendum?"  Zero raised their hands.  Show him you care!

Wayne Wink (D) - Does not support Aug. 1 date.  Supports referendum for Election Day.

Diane Yatauro (D) - position unknown, but she definitely wants to keep the Islanders on long island

Joseph Scanell (D) - position unknown

Judi Bosworth (D) - position unknown

Judy Jacobs (D) - position unknown.  On a personal level, I used to intern for Judy and she is one of the kindest and most caring public servants ever.  Be especially nice to her!

The legislators need to know (1) a vote for an August 1 referendum is a must.  Election day will not do!  (Election day reduces the chance of victory and means we will delay the project, when the Isles need certainty); and (2) We need them to vote for the bond plan when it comes before the Legislature (if the referendum passes).

This is my first time fan posting here, so hopefully this is all appropriate.

<em>Submitted FanPosts do not necessarily reflect the views of this blog or SB Nation. If you're reading this statement, you pass the fine print legalese test. Four stars for you.</em>

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