The Dynasty No Respect From The NHL

Did the Dynasty Exist? It is like the NHL Network and NHL Website just ignores it.

The NHL as a whole organization just ignores the Dynasty. They do specials on all great players and great moments but when do they ever do anything like that about the Islanders. It is like it never existed. The Islanders won 4 straight Stanley Cups, Appeared in 5 straight Stanley Cup Finals, Won 19 straight playoff series, and 5 players a coach and GM elected to the Hall of Fame. Where are the Islanders' History will be made on the NHL Network about the history of the game? Where are the specials about our great players? The only time we are ever mentioned is to say Gretzky won his 1st Stanley Cup against them and not even get the year right. With all the great Stanley Cup Playoff memories this Dynasty generated not one made into the the top 64 greatest moments in the History vs History. How many great moments in playoff history did the franchise have from 75 - 93 and not one of them made to the top 64?

1. The Islanders beating the Penguins after going down 3 games to 0 in 1975

2. Nystroms goal in sudden death overtime against the Flyers to win their 1st Stanley Cup in 1980.

3. The Islanders Win Game 5 in sudden death overtime to beat the Penguins after being down 2 goals with less than 6 minutes to go in the game in 1982.

4. Billy Smith winning the Conn Smythe Trophy only allowing 6 goals in the whole 1983 Stanley Cup Finals against The Great One's Oilers.

5. Ken Morrow's goal in Game 5 against the Rangers in sudden death OT in 1984

6. Pat LaFontain's goal in the 4 period of sudden death overtime the "Easter Epic" against the Washington Capitals in game 7 in 1987.

7. David Volek's goal in Game 7 sudden death overtime to beat the 2 time Stanley Cup Champions Pittsburgh Penguins.

It is about time the NHL remembers this one time great franchise. From there inception till 1983 they were the epitomy of how a franchise is supposed to run. They are the last major sports franchise to win 4 Championships in a row. They won 19 playoff series in a row. From 1975 - 1994 the Islanders made the playoffs 17 of 20 seasons. Of the 13 of the 17 playoff appearences during that stretch they won at least 1 playoff series.

I know since the Rangers defeated the Islanders in 1994 they have been the worst run franchise in maybe all of sports but, that does not deminish what the franchise accomplished in their 1st 22 years of existance. When the NHL talks about storied history IT IS TIME TO RECOGNIZE THE NEW YORK ISLANDERS!!!!!!!!!!

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