Isles History (Milbury) Why We Are Here Now

Do I Dare mention this name/curse word on this site? Mad Mike Milbury is the reason we are rebuilding....still.

To clarify I think the rebuild is something that all teams will go through eventually look at Pittsburgh, Philly, Washington, Tampa, etc.  Teams like Detroit are rare and I believe will go to the bottom at some point how many 40 year olds can be on one team. 

This post is to put into perspective of why we are struggling to get a new arena.  The support is lacking well Aug 1 will tell us other wise hopefully but a deal has not been done yet because the team still struggles to fill the building for the past few years.  The rebuild has had its setbacks with injuries and coaching among other things but let's not forget what could have been.

Milbury has been labelled as the worst GM in sports history.  Seriously just type his name into Google and it is such a common phrase that is what pops up AMAZING! How would you like to be labelled that.  But he definately earned it.  I am not criticizing him because of one or two bad moves but consistant moves and signing that still haunt this franchise today! Not all of his moves were bad I am not saying that but the there are too many HORRIFIC moves by him. 

First off: The Luongo Trade
24-Jun-00: New York Islanders traded Olli Jokinen and Roberto Luongo to the Florida Panthers for Mark Parrish and Oleg Kvasha.

To put this into perspective Jokinen and Luongo are still in the NHL Parrish and Kvasha are not.  Jokinen has 622 points in his career while Parrish and Kvasha combined have 604.  Most importantly though Luongo and Jokinen are difference makers well more so Luongo but Jokinen was pretty good better than Kvasha.

Secondly: The Yashin Trade
23-Jun-01: Ottawa Senators traded Alexei Yashin to the New York Islanders for Zdeno Chara, Bill Muckalt and 1st round selection (Jason Spezza) in 2001.

What do you say about this.  Yashin was a bust, Chara is the best D man in the game arguably and Spezza well I am not a fan of but is better than Yashin. 

Thirdly: The Yashin Contract
8 years $140 million.

A contract we will be paying over 2 million a year on against our salary cap until the end of 2014-15 season.  The contract made him the highest paid player in the game in fact he was making 7 million a season more than the next highest paid player. 

Fourth: The Peca Trade
24-Jun-01: Buffalo Sabres traded Michael Peca to the New York Islanders for Tim Connolly and Taylor Pyatt.

I liked Peca in an Islanders jersey but I think Connoly and Pyatt would be looking pretty good right now.  Sure Connolly has injury problems but who doesn't that bears that NYI crest nowadays.

Fifth: The Torres Deal
11-Mar-03: Edmonton Oilers traded Janne Niinimaa and a 2nd round selection in 2003 to the New York Islanders for Brad Isbister and Raffi Torres.

Torres is rumored to be trouble in the room and stuff but just look what he does on the ice behind a well coached team he is effective.  Niinimaa turned out to be a bust.  Isbister was another.  And that second round pick the Islanders drafted Tunik who never made the bigs.

LASTLY and MOST BRUTAL: The Linden Trade
06-Feb-98: New York Islanders traded Todd Bertuzzi, Brian McCabe, and 3rd Round Pick (Jarko Ruutu) to the Vancouver Canucks for Trevor Linden. 

Where to begin?! First off the interview makes me sick to my stomache when you read it today still wth McCabe. He was completel caught off guard and did not want to go.  "I don't know what's going on," the sixth captain in Islander history said, distressed. "I'm shocked. I'm sad to leave the boys, I've been with these guys my whole career."  He goes on to say, "I figured I was just named captain so I'd stick around for awhile," said McCabe. "I guess I'm stupid to think like that."

Bertuzzi sure he had lots of pressure in New York but seriously what were you thinking that package for Linden?

Obviously there is more that Milbury did as GM of our Isles that is not listed here but I simply cannot post all his bad moves simply too many.  Some other notables passing on Parise in the 2003 draft and how bout how the Dipietro contract.

So here we are today with a good young group of players but we could have been better.  It has been 5 years now since we got rid of Milburys 10 year reign of terror and just now are we building our depth back up and developing good prospects.  Maybe this offseason Snow can attract some UFA's because no one would come here since Milbury dried up our well.  Milbury's swarm of bad trades and long term high money signins haunt this franchise to this very day.  Just think of  current NYI roster had Mad Mike never came to Long Island or at least didn't make these terrible deals. 

Luongo in net----The solid/reliablent minding we have been lackin

McCabe and Chara on the blueline--Pretty Good D Pair

Bertuzzi, Ruutu and Torres banging bodies on the third/fourth line---The Grit we are Missing?

Imagine Parise (if he drafted him instead of Robert Nilsson), Jokinen, Spezza, Connolly and Pyatt added to our offence with guys like Nielsen, Grabs, Okposo, Tavares, Bailey, Comeau, Moulson, Martin, Hunter, Konopka (If resigns) along with Bertuzzi, Ruutu and Torres---Tell me that isn't a deep playoff group of forwards!

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